Why You Need Cannabis in Your Life?

Cannabis is one of those miraculous herbs that has been studied by a great number of well-respected scientists. And you’ll be surprised to know the number of positive and beneficial data that these researchers have concluded upon examining cannabis. This is why many countries all over the world are doing everything they can in order to legalize it. 

It’s safe to say that cannabis affects us in many different ways. Its effects depend from one person to the other. There are also factors such as the strain, quality, situation, and method of consumption that influences its effects.  Consuming cannabis also has a low risk of physical addiction since most people who take it are not compelled to continue to consume it. Instead, people consume cannabis when they perceive its effects are healthy and beneficial. 

So, why do you need Cannabis in your Life?

As much as we would like to give you all the reasons why you need cannabis, they are just too many to mention. Yes, cannabis has many usages. Some are using it for recreation purposes while some are using it to maintain good health. Cannabis can also be used to boost one’s creativity. In addition, it can also be used to treat different kinds of ailments and diseases. 

For thousands of years, cannabis consumption has been part of human culture. Consuming cannabis is more than just experiencing an awesome and positive euphoric high, but it’s also about living a healthy lifestyle. One misconception of consuming cannabis is that it makes the person lazy, sick, and ruins his or her mental state. But the truth is, cannabis is about health and wellness. And here are some simple and common pointers as to why you might need cannabis in your life. 

Medical Use

Countless people use cannabis for medical reasons. They know that cannabis can significantly improve their quality of life. The medical use of this herb has been linked to managing not only physical problems but also mental issues. You need marijuana not only to heal or treat certain diseases or ailments but also to preserve your life. 

With all the research and studies being presented to the public, we can all sleep tightly tonight knowing that cannabis does not generally harm our health, but instead enhance it. Many people medical patients can attest how incredible this herb is when it comes to reducing their pain. You’ll also hear people saying that their stress and depression were relieved after consuming marijuana. 

Cannabis was already used as a remedy in China since 270 BCE. The Chinese Emperor Shen Neng, also known as the father of Chinese Medicine has promoted the use of marijuana throughout the empire in order to cure and heal its citizens. 

Meanwhile, in Canada, the use of cannabis as a medicine has been legalized in 2000. The court ruled that people should not have to choose between their health and liberty since both are protected in the country’s constitution. The country responded to the court’s and has introduced Marihuana Medical Access Regulations in which individuals can apply for a license to legally possess and grow cannabis for medical use. 

Cannabis for Medical Use

Cannabis is known not only to slow cancer cells from spreading but it also helps in halting the process. A journal published by the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics concluded that cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer cells from turning off a gene inside your system that is called Id-1. This is why cannabis has become an effective herb in preventing and stopping cancer from spreading. 

People who have Alzheimer’s diseases are also consuming marijuana. This is because cannabis an active ingredient called THC that slows the progression of the mentioned diseases. What THC does is it slows the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that creates them. This wonderful herb can also be used in order to control epileptic seizure, and again, this is due to the wonders of THC. This property binds the brains cells that are responsible for controlling excitability and promoting relaxation. 

If you’re one of those people who are experiencing severe and constant pain, then cannabis should be included in your list as one of the necessary drugs that you need to take. Many people who are undergoing chemotherapy are consuming cannabis in order to reduce their pain. What’s more, is that cannabis can also be used to stimulate the appetite. Cancer patients going through chemo experience vomiting, severe pains, nausea, and even loss of appetite. This is why cannabis has been prescribed by many doctors all over the world. 

Cannabis is also known to provide: treatment for glaucoma, relief for arthritis, ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, soothe tremors for patients who have Parkinson’s diseases, helps with Crohn’s diseases, improve symptoms of Lupus and other autoimmune disorder, protect the brain after stroke, helps veterans suffering from PTSD, treat inflammatory bowel diseases, helps in eliminating nightmares, and combat stress and depression. 

Social Use 

What makes cannabis even more impressive is that it can be used not only for medical purposes but also for social use. When we say social use, we mean cannabis for socializing, and generally improving one’s quality of life. For recreational marijuana users, they use the herb for specific occasions and activities. 

Like for instance, cannabis can be an excellent herb in helping you experience a more relaxed and calm state. Whatever it is that you are doing, cannabis can help you stay more focus and calm even under pressure. You’ll also find a lot of people who are using cannabis when they are playing their favorite sports, watching their favorite movies, and even when having sex. But of course, when using cannabis for recreation, you need to make sure that you stay responsible. 


Consuming cannabis is definitely beneficial for everyone. But of course, there are things that you need to consider first. If you truly want to experience the many benefits of cannabis but don’t know where to start, then we suggest that you go to your local physicians first. Never take something that you’re not sure of. For you to enjoy this amazing herb, you need to be 100% sure first that it is safe for you to take it.

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