Why Canada is the Best Place to Grow Feminized Blueberry Seeds

The Blueberry cannabis strain is a cult classic among many marijuana communities. Its immense popularity comes from its powerful Indica characteristics and effects. Using this strain delivers unique euphoric highs to consumers. Accompanying its potent effects is a mix of fragrant aromas and mouthwatering flavors.

Blueberry remains to be one of the most sought after marijuana strains out there. The combination of exotic landrace strains brought about the birth of the Blueberry seed. Now, we can enjoy feminized blueberry seeds much to the glee of marijuana growers everywhere. However, some people think Canada is the best place to grow feminized Blueberry Seeds. Read on to find out why Blueberry feminized seeds Canada now becomes a popular trend in the marijuana industry.

The Effects of Blueberry

Marijuana users know Blueberry as a reliable stress-buster. It’s a notable relaxant thanks to its effective and powerful calming effects. A long day at work or school seems like nothing when smoking this strain to unwind.

The onset of its highs brings a near-instant uplifting feeling to the senses. Almost all sense of happiness starts to well up inside smokers. Grins will undoubtedly come to light even in the darkest of days. Sometimes a fit of giggles will accompany those smiles as users find themselves chuckling at the corniest of jokes.

Once the happiness begins to seep into the mind, the positive thoughts and feelings don’t stop there. A generous state of euphoria will start to enter the user’s mind. The combination of all these positive vibes greatly helps in altering moods in perhaps the best way possible.

Blueberry’s effects are due to its potent Indica characteristics. After the euphoric and happy vibes do kick in, the bud will leave consumers slightly sleepy. The strain has strong tranquilizing traits which makes it a great smoke at the day’s end. The highs brought by this cannabis strain will last for hours which will eventually lead into a night of blissful sleep.

Fragrance and Flavors of Blueberry

The Blueberry strain comes into the scene with scents of sweet berries. Enter the room with this bud in tow and it will fill the room with a mixture of notes that smell like earthy pine and fresh blueberries. Any marijuana user will find their mouths immediately water upon the first whiff of this aromatic strain.

Tasting the Blueberry strain brings a similar experience to smelling the bud. Its sticky characteristics almost guarantee an explosion of fruity flavors with each toke. The blueberry taste will certainly stick to tongues with exhales. Aftertastes of explosive blueberry flavors will take place with each puff making this strain an ideal choice for recreational use.

Medicinal Properties of Blueberry

Even though it’s touted as a great recreational smoke, the Blueberry strain also has great medicinal characteristics. Many doctors where marijuana is legal will even prescribe this Indica powerhouse to their patients. Its calming characteristics restores tranquil thoughts to the mind while relaxing the body in the process.

Blueberry’s powerful stress-management characteristics prove itself to be highly advantageous for patients suffering from certain mental ailments. Depression and stress will seemingly become non-existent in the minds of users upon the first toke. Consumers will feel there’s more to life as happy and euphoric thoughts fill minds with ferocity kicking negativity out the curb.

Aside from helping the mind, this cannabis strain is also effective in helping in the treatment for a number of physical pains. Its CBD content of 2% on average can assist in numbing strong pain symptoms. Common uncomfortable physical conditions including cramps, migraines, and muscle spasms easily dissipate with the help of Blueberry.

Cancer patients suffering from loss of appetite and extreme nausea brought by chemotherapy sessions may also seek this strain for additional help. Smoking Blueberry can whet the appetite as it intensifies taste buds to new heights.

Finally, people who have trouble sleeping as of late can smoke this cannabis strain to achieve that blissful night’s sleep. Its calming effects starts from the mind and extends to the body. After giving the consumer with euphoric thoughts, happy dreams will follow afterward.

Growing Blueberry Feminized Seeds Canada

Many marijuana growers see Canada as an ideal place to grow Blueberry plants for a number of reasons. This strain is a potent Indica-dominant bud. Hence, it can handle cold climates as compared to other marijuana strains. Furthermore, it tends to finish flowering at a fast pace. The plant blooms and matures in a period of about 7 to 9 weeks.

Tips to Grow Feminized Blueberry Seeds in Canada

Like all marijuana strains, growers need to adhere to certain growing methods to make feminized Blueberry seeds turn into healthy mature plants. Start the growth process in early April. Growers can soak the seeds overnight in water first upon acquisition. You can also store the seeds in a dark place for later use.

After one night, place the wet seeds in between thick paper towels to soak up the moisture. Place the paper towels with the seeds on a plate. Next, place the plate in a dark area and patiently wait for the seeds to crack open. Don’t be impatient as it can take around 2 to 7 days for the seeds to show signs of cracking.

A taproot should be visible once the feminized seeds crack. Carefully plant the seeds in healthy soil of about no more than 1 cm in depth. Wait for the shoots to appear and ensure the young plant gets plenty of light. With enough sunlight and nutrients, the seedling should now survive the move to an outdoor environment.

While giving your feminized Blueberry seedlings regular maintenance, ensure to regularly top the plants. This process allows you to create a bush shape that helps increase yields. Prune the inside of the strain to prevent mildew from causing problems to your harvest.

Always check for outside temperatures as the Blueberry strain thrives in climates with temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can have better peace of mind with this strain as compared to planting other buds. Blueberry can handle cold temperature levels without worry of significantly affecting yields.

When growing feminized Blueberry seeds Canada, make sure to watch out for any signs of mold growth. Erik Tanner, writer and cannabis grower, recommends in an article that growing the Blueberry plant near lilacs tend to increase the chances of mold growth during the summer. Furthermore, it’s best to hide your plants from prying eyes. Since this cannabis strain is famous among the marijuana community, some thieves already know the distinct scent emanating from the plant.

Some Canadian locations still have strict rules regarding marijuana growth and use. Check with your local government first before attempting to grow marijuana seeds to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

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