Why Buy your Marijuana Seeds from a Candian Seed Bank

Have you ever thought about buying marijuana seeds from a Canadian seed bank? These seed banks are known for their impressive reputation because of the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in the country.

Since 2018, Canada has legalized weed from buying, growing to consumption.  The new marijuana law allows carrying cannabis up to a certain limit and lets people grow their own crops. There is a limit to the number of plants you can grow and you may also designate someone to grow medical cannabis for you if you are unable to do so.

But why Buy from Canadian Seed Banks?

Canadian seed banks have the following that other local and overseas seed banks may not be able to provide.

Quality Seedbanks that Follow Strict Quality Regulations

Legal seed banks offer seeds that have passed strict quality inspections. All legal seed banks abide by Canada’s guidelines on cannabis retailing. And if you check these establishments you will likely be seeing guarantees for their products.

Legal companies operate with good reputations with promises that their seeds will germinate. You can be sure that when you germinate these seeds (following the strict guidelines of the company on how to sprout their seeds), your seeds will sprout.

Promotions and Special Offers

Aside from guarantees, most of these local seed banks come with special offers and promotions for their customers. There are different promotional offers all year long but the most common are free deliveries and shipment for customers who purchase a certain amount of seeds. Usually, this offer does not just apply to local customers but also for overseas patrons.

Another popular promotional offer is getting free seeds for a certain order. Customers simply purchase any kind of cannabis seed and then free seeds will be included in the shipment. Some Canadian seed banks may even give you the option to choose the free seeds you want to get. You can choose from regulars, feminized, auto-flowering, high-CBD or high- THC seeds.

A Large Number of Cannabis Strains Available

Most seed banks in Canada have a large collection of strains to choose from. Unlike other overseas seed banks with only a handful of strains, you have strains coming from different places in the globe to choose from.

Why are Canadian cannabis seedbanks able to offer all kinds of seeds to their customers?  These seed banks develop a strong partnership with their international counterparts to be able to sell their products from these overseas seed banks as well. It is not unusual for seeds coming from Asia, Europe and from the US to be in the shelves of Canadian seed banks. As long as these seeds are of the best quality, you’ll get these from Canadian seed banks.     

A Large Number of Cannabis Seeds Available

If there is a wide variety of cannabis strains available, you can certainly find different seeds as well.   While some cannabis seed banks overseas may only sell regulars or feminized seeds, Canadian seed banks have a large supply of

  • Regulars – these are also called photoperiod seeds. These seeds come from regular plants or cannabis plants that will flower only when exposed to a 12 hour light and 12-hour darkness lighting schedule. Regulars are also mixed male and female seeds. These seeds are known as the most affordable seeds and cannabis growers use regulars to breed seeds and to grow new strains.  


  • Feminized – feminized seeds are seeds from feminized marijuana plants.  These plants will grow to female plants. You won’t have to separate male from female plants to prevent accidental pollination once these plants bloom because you will only grow females.
  • Autoflowering – also called autos or automatics, these seeds are grown from auto-flowering cannabis plants. As the name suggests, these plants will flower automatically. There’s no need to expose these plants to a strict 12-hour light/12 hour darkness schedule just to bloom. These plants will flower according to their designated flowering time. Autoflowering cannabis is also known for their short flowering times at only 7 to 9 weeks. Compared to regular plants which will take 9 to 12 weeks to flower, autos will even be able to grow two to three crops per year.


  • Auto-flowering feminized – most auto-flowering cannabis plants are also feminized cannabis. But nevertheless, this is seen in some seed banks in the county and consumers prefer this type of seed more than any other types of seed.  


  • High-CBD – these are seeds that will grow plants that have more therapeutic or medicinal properties compared to other cannabis strains. High-CBD strains contain very little to almost absent THC, therefore, these strains will let you medicate but will never have any psychoactive effect. 
  • High-THC – contrary to high-CBD strains, high- THC strains have powerful THC content which allows users to enjoy the psychoactive effects of weed. THC and CBD balance each other out, therefore, these strains will have more psychoactive effects and less therapeutic effects. 
  • Landrace – this is a name used for seeds that have a strong genetic background. Landraces are types of cannabis plants that are pure and are often used for breeding new cannabis strains.

Just some of the most popular landrace strains coming from local seed shops are Afghani, Thai, Afghan Kush and so many more. This is the most expensive type of seed you will find from cannabis seed banks in Canada.

  • Sativas – sativa seeds are seeds of sativa plants. Sativa seeds will sprout and grow tall, stately sativa strains with stimulating effects. These strains will make you want to dance and have fun.  There are hundreds of sativa strains you can purchase online or offline and usually growers with large growing spaces will prefer sativas more than other strains.
  • Indicas – these are seeds harvested from indica plants. Compared to sativas, indicas are more relaxing strains and may have more therapeutic effects rather than psychoactive effects. And compared to the stately sativa, indica plants will grow small and compact therefore perfect for people who have barely enough space to grow plants and also for people who want to stealthily grow cannabis plants.

You will be able to find all these varieties from Canadian seed banks. With this so many different strains to choose from, you will surely find the type of seeds and strains you want to grow at home.

Get the Latest Growing Accessories

You will also be able to buy top growing accessories from local and online Canadian seedbanks Usually you will find the latest accessories and equipment like lighting, soil, fans, growing boxes and cabinets, dehumidifiers, pots, reflective materials and so much more.

Remember when buying accessories for your cannabis garden, choose only the best. As most growers would recommend, the best results come from the best equipment whereas faulty and low-quality materials will only produce poor yields.

Check and compare different products before you proceed.  Usually, consumers don’t have time to do this and would simply buy anything that may interest them. Consider shopping for the right lighting for cannabis seeds and plants; a number of CFL lamps are available with all the attractive designs and colors. A smart grower understands that for CFL lamps to work, several lamps will need to be installed all over the growing area. And CFL lighting is available in different cool colors but what is important is light intensity. In short, don’t get carried away by all the hype. Review and research on the product before buying.         

Get Professional Help to Grow Cannabis

Whether you buy locally from cannabis seedbanks online or from local shops, you will surely be able to get good advice as to how to grow seeds. Because cannabis growing is legal in the country, you will likely get free, good advice.

If you have the chance to buy in person, you can talk to shop keepers, representatives and people who mind store counters about growing and cultivating plants. You can ask about crucial questions about cannabis lighting, the best soil,  the ideal nutrients and more. You might get recommendations and don’t be afraid to try these out.

And even if you buy seeds online, you will also be able to find help from representatives through chat or customer reply forms.  Just like talking to an expert in person, you can ask away anything about growing cannabis.

Canadian Seed Banks now Accept Different Payment Methods

If you have used cryptocurrency in shopping online, you’ll be glad to know that a  growing number of Canadian seedbanks accept this mode of payment. You can now pay using Bitcoin or Litecoin plus use other modes of payment like cash on delivery COD and bank transfers.

Not all seedbanks accept COD so if you are looking for this option, check out the mode of payment first before you order. A Canadian seed bank may also offer faster delivery options, safer stealth delivery methods, and international shipment. Orders are processed fast and deliveries are guaranteed fast and efficient using Canada Post for regular shipment.

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