white widow seeds

White Widow strain, a healthy hybrid first bred by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands, is among the most popular strains worldwide. White Widow, a hybrid between a  South Indian indica and Brazilian sativa landrace has supported every Dutch coffee shop menu ever since birth in the ‘90s. The buds are white with shiny resin and warn you of the coming powerful results. A contagious blast of euphoria and excitement suddenly bursts through, inspiring dialogue and imagination. The heritage of White Widow gave rise to many other legends, such as White Rhino, White Russian, and Blue Widow. Even, a lot of growers favor the original White Widow strain, which grows indoors in around 60 days.

Growing White Widow Cannabis 

Thankfully it does not take a professional grower to be capable of producing White Widow quality at home. White Window will not take it seriously if you have trouble keeping your temperatures and humidity stable. Cultivated through landrace strains which had to adjust to difficult and changing climates, you’ll find White Widow seeds trying to thrive and delivering high yields, despite the minor barriers.

White Widow will grow outdoors, and if permitted, will sprout up. Indoors, it will expand into plants that don’t normally reach one meter. Their small stature makes them ideal for a sea of green growing systems. The Sea of Green consists of short plants with dense core colas, which end up in a tiny area creating a dense canopy of leaves. You may collect as much as 500grams indoors and as much as 600 grams per plant when grown outdoors or even in a greenhouse, recognized as a strong yielder.

When you’re trying to add some more weight and size from White Widow, I wouldn’t feel a need to reduce the time of vegetation shorter. Filling White Widow once, and enabling it to vegetate for a complete four weeks, will increase the number of growing sites and help carry out a large yield.

When you want to plant this outdoors, you’ll want to get these in the field early enough for mid-October harvesting. In eight weeks, you may expect to go from growing season to harvest, while some suggest letting it go another week or two, to optimize the development of trichomes, for which the White Widow is popular.

White Widow seeds do not require any special treatment so long as you keep your EC, pH, and environment within the correct range for marijuana. These have managed to get by less water than other marijuana plants, so if you’re using soil or cocoa, it really doesn’t hurt tossing any perlite into the blend to improve the ventilation and encourage excessive fluid to shed. Finally, White Widow is an extremely versatile strain that is quick to develop and even the most enthusiastic enthusiast can please.

White Widow Smell, Taste, and Effects

White Widow seeds have an intensely pungent and savory scent, with certain piney leanings and just a touch of spice. The delicious taste, once cooked, is fruity sweet and leaves behind a slightly crisp aftertaste. Given the sweet taste of White Widow, it certainly hits hard so it may be prone to coughing. You’ll experience a blast of energy and euphoria right after smoking, keep you feeling conversational, uplifted, and imaginative. If you already have some tension or anxiety, after a few white widow’s puffs, you can kiss that goodbye.

After a while, however, the results get stronger and you could end up sitting on the couch for quite a while when you’re not still involved in some kind of exercise. For instance, if you are not couch-locked or not depends on several factors: how you eat it (vape smoke, edibles, etc.), your level of resistance, and how it has evolved.

Medical Benefits of White Widow Strain

Although in the past White Widow cannabis has been reported for use with numerous medicinal conditions, the most infamous cure this soothing strain tends to offer is for the suffering individuals:

  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

A small to a standard dose of this marijuana strain is usually better for those handling psychological conditions (depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD) since over-consumption of marijuana sometimes can lead to greater anxiety paranoia when dealing with a psychological illness.

In this case, knowing and respecting your cannabis limits is crucial, and standing by certain rules so you don’t end up in a worse position. For all those who deal with chronic pain threats usually, a larger, extra powerful dose is in order. For this purpose, using concentrate, edible, live resin, candy, or noticeably thicker-than-usual bowls is the go-to tactic for users who use white widow strain as their regular medicines.

Effects of White Widow Marijuana

THC percentage-wise, White Widow seeds top out at a stunning 20-25% level, making it one of the most and powerful potent marijuana strains in the world alongside hard-hitters like AK-47 and Afghan Kush.

The White Widow strain makes you feel comfortable and energized, in a state of absolute giddiness that helps you to work daily – with only a bit more positive overall attitude. Expect these refreshing and exhilarating buds to activate your mind, which also stimulates mental abilities and allow communication and conversation to happen naturally and with an ease that you might not encounter in your usual daily life.

White Widow marijuana is an excellent alternative for those pursuing marijuana that will not cause them sleeplessness, fatigue, or loss of energy (as indicas too often may do), but instead an unmistakably content, healthy state that resides somewhere between hyper-aware and relaxed.

White Widow Cannabis Side Effects 

The most commonly-documented adverse effects of all those who consume white widow strain are dry mouth – shock, amaze. This can, of course, be solved by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids, and always keeping an extra capacity near you prior, during and after the high.

Users of the White Widow will often regularly mention dry eyes, although this is less frequent to dry mouth. With respect to dry eyes, moisturizing eye drops are fairly affordable can be purchased from any drug store beforehand and applied anytime you decide when they are needed or when anyone tells you to appear like you’ve been shot in the face with a whole bottle of wasp spray.


We glad you liked learning this strain analysis of White Widow strain, and also that you find it not only extremely interesting but also informative and insightful. This is actually one of the most popular indicas of all time, and if you’re serious about using marijuana (both medically and recreationally), it’s a must-try.

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