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Ever think two of the most influential strains in the world could get together and make a lovely baby daughter? Crop King Seeds will be here to fulfill your wishes, and welcome you to the new White Banner! The THC level is 19.8 percent relaxed and gives you excellent unforgettable body effects. Ideal for beginners as well as veterans! Now only available via Crop King Seeds.

It is relatively easy to cultivate the White Banner feminized cannabis strain because it goes well in both outdoor and indoor environments. It takes only elements of nature outdoors, and you can grow these plants in a span of 8 to 10 weeks with minimal supervision. You should expect a strain as a 1-1 combination of sativa and indica that will send you unforgettable cerebral effects. White Banner is a beautiful 50/50 White Widow and White Banner hybrid combination.

Growing Techniques

White Banner’s OG Kush genetic factors mean this cannabis strain will remain bushy and small making it a great candidate for growing methods for both the Screen of Green (SCROG) and Sea of Green (SOG). The SOG approach is best suited for pressuring cannabis plants that typically have longer vegetative periods to flower earlier. Also, the SOG approach is useful when the room seems to be on a premium. This should also help you achieve a better yield by using less space. And although yield from a single plant can be lower, more effective energy use helps you to grow more crops in a smaller area, thereby increasing the total yield.

The SCROG process is somewhat similar to the SOG process, but a screen is used by growers to improve light exposure to the whole plant. You may use either chicken wire or nylon netting as a screen to accomplish this. Take the tops of the canopy back so that the plant parts that were formerly cast in the shadow of the canopy now receive sufficient light. You may want to source some poultry wire or nylon barbed wire which has holes about 5 inches in diameter to make sure sufficient light is passing through. The SCROG approach is not just a single top bud but an efficient way to grow multiple colas. Pull them back down and tie them to the monitor over time as the plant starts to expand through the screen. This will lead to more budding sites, and the overall yield should be higher. (For more on both methods SOG and SCROG.

An effective tool to facilitate swelling of the canopy of your plant is by cutting the leaves and buds of the lower fans. It is vital you take steps to ensure proper air circulation while growing a plant with a thicker canopy.

White Banner Flowering Time

The growing season for this powerful strain is roughly the 9 to the 10-week range, with October typically being assumed the perfect harvesting month. You’ll understand why it got its name after extracting your effectively grew White Banner plant. You should have those bright green leaves picturing The Incredible Hulk.

Growing Outdoors/Indoors

You may grow the White Banner outdoors or indoors, as already described, but with a significant difference in the yield provided by the different methods. If you plan to grow your White Banner flower in an indoor cannabis garden in a tent, an air-cooled bulb will help keep the temperature and humidity in the optimum growth ranges.

White Banner flourishes in a dry and warm environment, with temperatures around 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit being the perfect range for those who wish to grow outdoors. It is suggested that you source a dry area available from autumnal rain showers when trying to plant outdoors.

You may expect a yield reaching up to 400 grams when grown in an indoor climate. If you cultivate them outdoors in their favorite environment, at the end of the harvest period you can expect some 500 grams. This strain is ideal for those who want great high yield without having to worry much about taking care of plants, rather than just having to check them out each and every time.

Effect of White Banner 

This White Banner strain can help relieve symptoms from Insomnia, Nausea, Stress, Pain, and Depression. This strain can also help diseases such as ADHD/ADD. Migraines, PTSD, PMS, and Anxiety. The White Banner usually prescribes for insomnia, pain, stress, depression, and nausea. The typical effect of this strain is mostly feeling energetic, euphoric, uplifted, happy, and creative. And the possible bad side effect when consuming this strain is being dizzy, dry mouth, dry eyes, feeling anxious, and sometimes paranoia.

This strain is very well-known to people with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Also, this strain is very famous in a lot of cities such as Zelienople Pennsylvania, Sterling Alaska, Ada Oklahoma, Beaverlodge Alberta, and Youngstown Ohio, Yachats Oregon, Abington Pennsylvania, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island

White Banner is a very well-known strain with people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign! The White Banner cannabis strain is very well-known in the following cities, Beaverlodge Alberta, Ada Oklahoma, Zelienople Pennsylvania, Youngstown Ohio, Brandon Manitoba,  Sterling Alaska, and Portland Maine.

Because the separation between sativa and Indica is balanced, you can be confident that this strain can handle and defend itself from the harsh environmental conditions. What you should expect from this strain is a large yield, mixed with such a high amount of THC – the ideal combination!

Final Thoughts on Growing White Banner

One of the most powerful marijuana strains on the market is the White Banner strain. This specific aspect may be one for more qualified growers to attempt to consider all the initiatives that need to be carried in order to grow it successfully. Fortunately, the following tips will help direct you through the process and you will one day be able to reap the benefits of all your efforts.

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