Where to Buy Weed Seeds

Possibly the very first question you have when growing your own cannabis is where to buy weeds seeds? It’s now easier to buy cannabis seeds because not only can you buy seeds from a seed bank locally but you can also purchase from online seedbanks. The whole world is your apple, you can buy different seeds strains and you can also purchase from a variety of top breeders and growers.  Here are two of the best ways to buy cannabis seeds.

Purchase your weed seeds from online seedbanks

Online cannabis seedbanks offer growers and breeders the convenience of buying seeds using your computer. Because the whole world just seems to be a click away, you can now purchase seeds from a tiny grower from Europe or from a popular breeder from Canada. But you have to be careful when purchasing seeds this way because of the many online scammers that are taking advantage of your eagerness to grow cannabis. Be a smart and conscientious shopper and no doubt that you will find top quality weed seeds for your garden soon.


  • You’ll find a wide variety of cannabis seed strains online

You can purchase a wide variety of cannabis strains when you buy from online seedbanks. Most growers and breeders sell their seeds online, therefore, you will be able to select from a wide variety of seeds easily. You will also be able to buy seeds from different seedbanks coming from different regions in the world. You can purchase seeds that you only need or buy seeds in bulk, it’s your choice.

  • You will find a large number of breeders and growers online

When you shop for cannabis seeds online, you will be able to get to know a large number of growers and breeders. You can order seeds from almost anywhere especially from the best breeders found in California, Spain, Hawaii, Thailand and more.

  • You will get to grow new strains from anywhere around the world

You will be able to buy all kinds of cannabis seeds strains around the world. This way, you will be able to grow all kinds of strains and perfect your talents and your growing skills. Growing all kinds of strains from different places around the world may even inspire you to you to start breeding cannabis. You will be able to cultivate new strains to give you more yield, plants resistant to diseases and molds as well as plants that can grow denser, thicker buds come harvest time.

  • You will be able to learn breeding and growing techniques

When you are able to buy seeds from different seedbanks and breeders online, you will be able to get your hands on effective techniques and tips coming from breeders and growers. If you are new to growing cannabis, these techniques will help you grow cannabis to save money, effort and time.

  • You can connect with people who love marijuana

You will be able to connect with people with the same love of cannabis. Before you can use cannabis or grow weed, you need to buy seeds online and connect with people who love cannabis. Because you are growing cannabis, you are now part of a new group, people who love and live cannabis. You will be able to join blogs and social media sites so you can meet growers, consumers, and breeders all over the world.


  • Be careful, choose only reliable and reputable seedbanks

As there are reliable online seedbanks, there are also scam sites that are just out to get your money and personal information. Some people who buy online become victim to scam sites because these fail to check if the seed bank site is legit or not. So shops smart and do business only from reliable cannabis sites.

  • You need to sign up with your sensitive information

Before you can purchase seeds, you must sign up and signing up means you need to reveal your location, your identity and your financial or credit information for payment. This won’t be an issue if you shop from local seedbanks. However, if you must order online, protect your identity by shopping smart and from buying only from legit sites.

  • You need to pay using sensitive payment information

Nowadays, there is a number of payment methods that you can use to pay for your purchases. According to most online consumers of cannabis seeds, they would prefer to use credit card among all payment options. But paying using your credit card can place your account at risk. To avoid any risks, make sure that you are buying only from legit and safe sites and protect your personal and credit information at all cost.

Buy your seeds from local suppliers

Purchasing cannabis seeds from local breeders and growers is a very good thing since it increases revenue for local growers and also boosts business growth. If you live in an area where there are local seedbanks then consider yourself lucky. Local suppliers may only keep a small number of seeds but it’s a guarantee that these are of the best quality and will be able to germinate well. Buying from local suppliers will encourage growing cannabis and crops and enhance your talents and skills to cultivate different strains.

It’s true that buying from local shops may be very limited when it comes to your selection of cannabis strains but nevertheless, this is fulfilling. You won’t have to wait for your seeds to arrive from the mail too because you may readily take these home straight from the store. No need to wait for your orders which may be held in customs.


  • So convenient, especially for people who live nearby

When you buy from local seed banks, you will be able to conveniently buy your seeds without hesitation. As long as you are of legal age, you can buy from a local store and come out with a bag of seeds. No need to wait very long for your purchases and also spending more money on deliveries and shipment fees. This makes it cheaper to buy seeds from a local seed bank than buying from an online cannabis seed bank site.

  • You can already take your seeds home

Possibly the best part of buying from a local seed bank is that you can forget about waiting too long for packages. You can order, pay and take your seeds home to grow these. Waiting for orders will only waste your time and effort. A very common concern of cannabis growers is delivery taking a long time. There are even instances that the seeds germinated on the road as it took a long time before the seeds arrived at the customer’s home.

  • You can also buy marijuana smoking accessories

Aside from buying top seeds but you will also be able to buy only the best headgear and other smoking and growing equipment when you purchase from a local cannabis seeds supplier. Where to buy weed seeds? From a local store which also sells accessories like bongs, pipes, bubblers and more.

  • You can get instant discounts and promos

When you buy from a local seed bank, you can take advantage of great discounts and promos coming from local seedbanks. Most local seedbanks provide these promos and deals to keep customers happy and contented. If you are not sure about any promo or if there is an existing promo and you are unaware of the rules, contact customer service or check this out online.

  • You can meet breeders and growers

When you buy from local shops, you will be able to meet and converse with breeders and growers. When you buy online you won’t be able to talk to actual breeders and growers. You will be able to get to know people and get good tips for your next to grow.


  • Some seedbanks don’t have the best seed selections

There are some complaints that although actual weed stores are very convenient, these shops have only a number of seed strains and even a smaller number of special and popular strains. If you are looking for these then you might be able to find exactly when you need when you order form online seedbanks.

  • Only a few growers live near places with seedbanks

Sadly, not everyone enjoys living near a seed bank and this is the most common disadvantage of buying locally. Dispensaries and shops are not readily available from where people are. This can only happen when cannabis use is legal just like in Canada. Most dispensaries are found within the city and those who want to purchase quality seeds need to travel far and wide just to find the buy weed seeds. But true to its word, these dispensaries offer top quality cannabis seeds for the best price.

  • Buying and growing cannabis are prohibited from where you are

Purchasing cannabis seeds online is certainly the best option when consuming and growing cannabis where you are located is prohibited. Most growers who live in a country where cannabis is prohibited have no choice but cannabis seeds online and have these shipped discretely.

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