does weed expire

Users are wondering “does weed expire?” and realize that the expiration date will last long when you store you weed the right way. Usually, the approximate range does weed expire is one to two years. Even when exactly cured, dried flowers have a restricted life range. 

The same question emerges for the pot smokers who also don’t burn through all their marijuana seeds in a timely manner — and those who get so high they forget where they put their supply —: How long does marijuana last? Is weed going bad? does weed expire?

Your weed will last up to two yes when you store your weed properly and in suitable containers. Or else you could quickly discover that your bud had grown a crop of molds. Because of the exposure, your weed will have a less potent. And your THC content will break down to CBN (cannabinol), which will have different reactions on the mind. Excess to oxygen and heat exposure will quicken the decomposition of your weed.

In order to protect your weeds, you need to know all the things that can ruin its freshness and find the best way to store your weed.

Does Weed Expire?

There really is no definite answer to this issue, since different conditions, strains, and methods of extraction lead to different dates of expiry. Interestingly, according to International Highlife, a perfectly cured flower may last from one to two years.

When you purchase fresh curing marijuana, the buds get a bit of moisture which keeps them bendy and mushy. In time marijuana can either dry out or get too wet depending on how you store it. Plastic lunch bags will let off humidity, with the ultimate consequence of rotting marijuana that gives off tough smoke. When you place your marijuana in the refrigerator or freezer or leave it damp anywhere, it’s ready for rising mold — and it’s not going to burn well. Experts suggest keeping your supply at ambient temperature, in an airtight container. 

While you might suggest that one to two years is long enough to eat your entire supply of weeds, you need to realize that this is only the ideal lifespan of your favorite ganja. Space plays a big part in making your marijuana bag last so long.

What Will Happen if Marijuana is not Properly Stored?

Inappropriate marijuana packaging would certainly cut short its expiry. Whenever this occurs the plant’s potency is lost. The cannabinoid status will also decrease, as well as the experience you used it to enjoy would no longer be fulfilled.

Unlike with a fine winning bottle that gets better and better, your incorrectly stored pot demand will only get worse as time passes. You’ll notice the bud becomes drier and drier. Consumers should remember that dried buds from smoking are potentially harmful to the lungs.

What is the Correct Way to Store the Weed?

All cannabis flowers should be kept in sealed bags that are kept away from heat, moisture, and light. These should also be free of moisture, or they’ll grow mold in your system and you don’t want that.

Experts on marijuana advise storing your pot production in a dark, dry, and cool place. Keeping them in a transparent glass jar would also make your marijuana last longer rather than using transparent ziplock bags.

Because hot temperatures will start breaking down cannabinoids easily, you need to keep your pet in a location or container that has temperatures of about 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. That scope is optimal for cannabinoid preservation.

Factors that can Lessen the Freshness of you Weed 

  •  Humidity
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The humidity lets the mold spore to build and it can be dangerous when it smoked. High humidity can cause this to occur quickly. Maximum temperature variation can also cause the air to let out its moisture, making the mold to grow more. Because of this, avoiding temperature contrasts and controlling humidity are both need.

  • Light

The sunlight is the most destructive thing that can occur to marijuana and its cannabinoids. You can how the sunlight damage a piece of furniture and car seat that was exposed, all day in the dun for years. That is the same damage the causes cannabinoids to breakdown from heat or oxidize.  Luckily, take care of your weeds expose to the light as looking for a hazy jar or storing it on a drawer. 

  • Temperature

Hot temperature can quickly five out cannabinoids, and turning you THC to CBN. Mainly your bud will be stored on a temperature of 20 °C to 30 °C to keep away from this problem. Always remember that keeping your weeds on too cold conditions can also lead to a temperature that let the mold to grow. The cold temperature will make your trichomes come off and it can also damage the composition of cannabinoids.  

  • Air
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The air is also critical for healing weed, but after it is healed, too much air is not a good thing for weed. Oxygen has a way of getting an electron from the materials, which can cause deterioration like fry not or rusting. It can also dry out the oils that have the weed’s cannabinoids, making them taste bad and less potency. 

5 Tips on Keeping your Weed Fresh and Best way to Keep Weed:

  • Make sure that your weed is fully cured

If you are able to get a week that is still fresh, you need to hang it upside down for about 3-4 days. And put it in a fully sealed jar or container and rift by opening the every in every two days so that it can release the humid air. 

  • Keep your weed in a fully-sealed container 

The thing you don’t want to happen is the air to change. Keep your weed on a tight jar or container or any other weed containers that keep in freshness.

  • Get a relative humidity recorder

The perfect corresponding humidity range for healed weed is between 59% to 63%. You can always maintain is level using the humidor-type container or the desiccant products. 

  • Do not use cedar or plastics
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Use only glass for storing your weed because it is the best material where to store your marijuana since it is easy to be sealed and doesn’t remove the flavor, unlike the wood containers and plastics.

  • Store in a place without light and cool place

Most users store their weed out of the sight of others, which is great. Put it in a drawer on the lower level or in a closet inside the house. In a high place, it can collect heart. Also, avoid closeness to electronic or other sources of heat that cause temperature change. 

Hopefully, this article can give you an idea of does weed expire.