normal indica grow cycle

Marijuana consumers often acquired the curiosity of producing their strains. It is not a bad idea given the feeling of achievement someone can feel when raising cannabis. However, growing marijuana is not as simple as you may think. There are specific processes that need to be done and different procedures to follow. At this point, marijuana experts will learn the usual indica grow cycle. Indica strains are in demand these days. You must have lots of questions to start growing these types of marijuana. Here are the essential things you need to obtain regarding the growth process of an Indica weed.

 Cannabis Life Cycle

The life of the marijuana plant is differentiated into two categories. Through these two processes, people would be able to distinguish the progress of cannabis. It can also help producers to quickly recognize the development level of the crop. The life cycle of a marijuana plant starts when it has metamorphosed into a seedling.

Vegetative Level

In 3 to 6 weeks’ time, the seedling you planted should enter the vegetative phase. This level of growth is the moment when the plant starts growing. Also, it is the period when the grower would notice the remarkable leaves a marijuana plant is known for. Regardless of the kind of marijuana, it is the time when the roots of your cannabis start to grow and become larger.

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The period of vegetation differs. The amount of light it is exposed to is the trigger on how long the plant will stay in this phase. If you are into growing marijuana on an outdoor location, the probability of longer vegetation is imminent. The location can be the determining factor. More sunlight means the longer it will be in this state. However, there is more than that. If the place where you are cultivating the plant is near the equator, it will also affect the process.

For this reason, expert marijuana consumers tend to favor indoor cultivation. The reason behind this is that they will have the ability to manipulate how long they would let the plant on a particular state. This is where content and consistency come in which is what people wanted for as per From Seed To Stoned. Novices are probably wondering about the importance of the vegetative stage. The longer the weed is on this process, it means producers can achieve larger cannabis.

Flowering Level

This phase is the time when the plants start to bloom. There will already be flowers and buds that can be harvested within the right amount of time. When the light exposure of cannabis has been depleted, the faster plants will blossom. If a grower started changing the exposure time like 12 hours each of light and darkness respectively, it will initiate the flowering of the weeds. Generally, the average marijuana will bloom in 6 to 10 weeks. Of course, it depends on the type of strain and the environmental factors present on the location.

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The Growth Cycle of an Indica Cannabis

An indica grow cycle is considered among marijuana producers. Of course, there is a reason behind that. Indica strains grow short. With that said, the plant is more manageable than its Sativa counterparts. Also, Indica cannabis tends to provide more yields. Not all produce the same amount of yield but based on average indica weeds in general rewards more. The best part is the flowering period. Sativa strains take more time than any other Indica cannabis. It is a very convincing selling point among growers. The shorter the flowering time a plant has, there will be more opportunity for harvest. The average indica should be able to reach maturity within 8 to 12 weeks.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

These days, people are not just sticking to the usual pure Indica cannabis. There are numerous alternatives available, most especially hybrid strains that are popular nowadays. There may be minimal occurrences to the development time of the crop. However, if the strain is Indica dominant, it should still be with the growth process of an Indica plant with few variations on the time expectancy before it can be harvested.


The timeframe may differ based on the type of cannabis you are growing. Normally, Sativa and Indica grow cycle is about 3 to 6 six months. The variation on the time before the cannabis fully flourishes may just differ based on the affecting factors like the type of strain, climate, and location. Even if you chose to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, it can still create a big impact on the growth cycle of cannabis. One thing is for sure, patience is the prior requirement when cultivating a marijuana crop. Remember that there is no gain without any pain.

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