tropicana cookies strain

Tropicana Cookies Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain and the offspring of the two legendary strain which is Tangie strain and Girl Scout Cookies. Looking for a very delicious taste that will make you want to have more? The Tropicana Cookies is the perfect strain for that. These shiny buds covered with an extremely tasty sour citrus high with a slight touch of sweet cookie when breath out. The smell of this strain is sour spice and earthy pine with a large orange that is overtone and turns out a slightly strong as the buds are burned. 

The flavor of the Tropicana Cookies was just an eye-opening, with its long-lasting effect that can make you get off the couch and move all the time. You may feel very energetic before the start of the hight, taking over the mind and the body of the users that cause happiness and motivation to be creative. Tropicana Cookies taste and the scent justify its name. It has a large profile that produces a remarkable citrus aroma resemblance to the orange and a flavor that is both sweet and a slight floral with a citrus taste undertone as well. 

When you look at some of the buds of Tropicana Cookies, you will notice a fair amount of violet colors as well as dense core and golden orange tones. 

A feeling of relaxation will come next, making you physically calm while your mind goes higher and higher. This strain has a moderate THC content that reaches up to 21% to 28%, it is perfect for those who are suffering from conditions like appetite loss, depression, nausea, chronic stress, mood swing, and anxiety. The Tropicana Cookies has a heart-shaped and minty green buds with an undertone of dark purple and a lot of ambers hair and a covered chunky dark purple-colored crystal trichomes. 

The tropical cookies strain is very useful for medical and also fun to use for recreational. The THC content level will help it rule in the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, and depression with less effort.

Effects of Tropicana Cookies Strain

The users or consumers don’t need to wait for the effect of this strain, within minutes of the first take you will quickly feel the energy rush that will kick off your mind. Although this may seem funnier and lighter when the Tropica Cookies strain will take over your mind, the effect of this strain may last for a while. The hight effects in your minds will move down that will make you be creative and be energetic. The giggle feeling will take over all your worries. 

A little after you mind effect, your body will feel more relax. That will make the user be deeply attached to being creative in activities. Sting will flow throughout the body that will make your move without the feeling of nervousness. With its effect, it is perfect to use in the afternoon when you’re doing a craft, having long conversations, and having fun with friends. 

Taste of Tropicana Cookies

The taste of Tropicana Cookies is like tangy and sour orange candy. The early effect will break off into a citrusy feeling. When breathing in, you will feel its GCS features in a mild form of sweet cookies taste. With this, the flavor smoothens into a mouthwatering experience. 

Fragrance Tropicana Cookies

Sweet, sour, and spicy, the Tropicana Cookies the dream for all orange-lover anywhere. There’s a powerful eathy after use with the hints of pine. Once that this strain is burned, a strong effect will appear to balance things out. 

Adverse Effects of Tropicana Cookies

When the users are enjoying the Tropicana Cookies strain, they need to pay attention to its potency. The very impressive high THC level content will make the user and consumers be surprised. Following the right of dosage of using this strain is the best way to avoid overconsumption. When using a high dosage, the feeling of energetic quality may become subtle paranoia or anxiety; however, be responsible when using this strain to avoid those issues. When using this strain make sure you have water beside you to help you with the dry-mouth effect.

Flowering Stage of Tropicana Cookies Strain


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This strain can produce great high yield when grown indoors. Also, it can be ready to harvest within 9 to 10 weeks. In the best setup, the harvest can reach 14 to 16 ounces per square meter.


Tropicana Cookies plants can be very large when grown outside. This strain can be ready to harvest at the end of September. A single plant that is grown outdoor can produce more than 18 ounces of good quality buds, when in good conditions.  

How to Grow Tropicana Cookies

When growing these Tropicana Cookies is a breeze in most case. This strain si flexible, healthy and it is easy to train plants. Also, the seeds can thrive both indoors and outdoors environments, as long as you are prepared for big plants. It is normally just a single main cola with many branches. And is the perfect thing for training using the Screen of the Green process. 

The high-stress training can end-up to amazing results without many cuts. The side branches will develop into an amazing cola with their own, with just one or two toppings. You can make up on your lost grown with this method if you don’t mind extending it. 

Medical Benefits of Tropicana Cookies

It is fun to use the Tropicana Cookies for recreation, but there are a lot of reasons to use this strain therapeutically. Its high THC level content is strong enough to voice out silent even the most noticeable symptoms of the various issues, including ADHD, inflammation, and PTSD. 

People with depression and anxiety usually enjoy the mood-boosting effect of this strain. Its euphoria and energy can turn off dark moods and the lack of motivation, and the stress and worries will be replaced by creative thoughts. Even the things that keep on rewinding on your mind will drift away and your mind will literary will begin to look at things from a different point of view.

The Tropicana Cookies also have a lot of physical benefits to the users and consumers, the pain caused by the inflammation including arthritis and cancer pain, usually improves. It can also create muscle tension to reduce and long-term throb and pain to relax. Tension headaches and migraines may even take off in the existence of the body high and relax, and that’s what the strain can cause.