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As the cannabis industry around the world continues to expand, new ideas and innovations are taking place. Research and development of various marijuana strains are now more active than ever before. As such, there have always been new marijuana strains to look out for each and every year. With higher potency levels and unique flavors, new marijuana strains are always an exciting thing to expect as time passes by. 

In this article, we are going to list down the Top New Marijuana Strains to look out for in 2020. With the potential to be considered as some of the best in recent memory, these strains will have a lot to prove coming into the cannabis scene. Let’s get started:


If you feel the need to look for a reason to get hyped about something this 2020, then look no further. The Rare Hindu marijuana strain is a must-try for any cannabis fan and enthusiast out there. Hailing from the state of Colorado, the Rare Hindu is an up and coming marijuana strain that delivers very classic indica effects with each toke. It is the result of crossbreeding the landrace strain of Hindu Kush with some OG #2. It is one of the easiest new marijuana strains to cultivate due to the feminized version that it currently comes in. The medium yields are made up for by the frosty and resinous buds that sprout from each cola. Expect a very smooth and calming high coupled with intense flavors of sweetness and earthiness.  


As the name suggests, the Tropicanna Banana marijuana strain gives off a very warm and tropical vibe. It comes from crossbreeding the famous Girl Scout Cookies and some Tangie. Much like most sativa-dominant hybrids, the Tropicanna Banana imparts strong boosts of energy and productivity, filling your day with loads of joy and positivity. A few hits of this marijuana strain will get your mind racing with all sorts of ideas and happy thoughts. When it comes to Tropicanna Banana’s flavors and effects, it does not disappoint. Strong tastes of banana and fruits will instantly give you a sunny Hawaiian beach vibe. The dank and resinous buds also provide a full-bodied smoke that courses through your throat smoothly. The plant structure of Tropicanna Banana is very robust and compact. It is a rather short plant, growing up to 3-4 feet in height. This strain carries a THC level of up to 25%, well above the standard level in today’s cannabis industry. 


This marijuana strain looks to have one of the highest potentials on this list. The Mamacita’s Cookies marijuana strain carries a distinctive high that resembles both its parent strains well. It comes from crossbreeding the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain with another Colorado hybrid strain called Nicole. Because it derives its properties from two award-winning strains, the effects of the Mamacita’s Cookies are definitely worth all the hype. These feminized seeds will take around nine to ten weeks to fully mature. It is a very generous plant in terms of yield rates, often sprouting around 550 to 850 grams worth of marijuana buds per square meter. With a THC level of 25%, Mamacita’s Cookies are a very potent kind of strain. It is capable of dishing out strong waves of deep relaxation that are therapeutic to both the mind and body. 


True to its name, the South Plant marijuana strain is a mix of genetics that come from both South African and South Indian landrace strains. With a 75% sativa and 25% indica genotype, this strain will give users a very uplifting high that will fill their heads with only positive ideas. Generally known for being an indoor plant, this strain will thrive in warm and controlled climates. Despite being sativa-dominant, the South Plant strain typically grows only up to 2 to 3 feet in height and produces dank, hefty buds. The effects of this strain are where the sativa influences lie. It provides a very strong and cerebral high that gets users feeling giggly and trippy. Make sure to pack some snacks for this high because South Plant will surely cause some good ol’ munchies. 


It looks like we have another member of the “Gorilla” family ready to serve up some hard-hitting blows. The Quick Gorilla, however, isn’t your average new marijuana strain. It carries roughly around 20% to 22% of THC. One thing that stands out about this strain is that the highs it produces don’t really last as long as other typical strains. This may be where the “Quick” part of the strain’s name comes in. Despite this, it is still a very potent and enjoyable strain that delivers an astounding effect. Gorilla Glue was mixed with some OG Kush Auto in order to come up with this strain. It is a 65% indica, which means that users can expect a dreamy and hazy feeling that will get them feeling slightly disoriented and lazy.  


Among every other marijuana strain on this list, perhaps the highest yielder of the group would be the Strawberry Cane marijuana strain. With yield rates exceeding the standard amount of other cannabis strain, the Strawberry Cane is quite truly a dream come true for many growers out there. It comes from the crossbreeding of the Slurricane strain with some Strawberry Stardawg. It is a very typical sativa-dominant strain that induces a very happy and energizing high. The flavors comprise of distinct sweetness and sourness reminiscent of strawberries. It also flowers rather quickly, taking around eight to nine weeks of flowering time. 


Cosmic Bomb Auto is a strain that all autoflowering fans should be excited about. As the offspring of LSD strain phenotype and some African landrace genetics, the Cosmic Bomb Auto is…sure to blow you away. Autoflowering genetics makes it highly resistant to molds and infestations. This strain is fully capable of growing in any given climate. With a THC level of around 16% to 20%, the Cosmic Bomb Auto will do just enough to induce a mind-tingling sensation that will get you hooked within the first few minutes. 


Belonging more to the “luxurious: types of marijuana strains, the God Lemon is a strain fit for those who have a complex palette and sophisticated taste. God Lemon comes from crossbreeding two very luxurious and rare strains: the Lemon Versace and some premium Adonai. The rich genetics of this strain makes it a rather easy marijuana strain to cultivate. It produces medium to high yields and can flower in around seven to eight weeks after germination. Strong notes of lemon and citrus dominate most of the flavors. Of course, you would still pick up a subtle dankness to it.   


Making use of the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain and the legendary Tangie, this Tangie Cookies marijuana strain did have quite the high standards to meet. And true enough, it did well to uphold the parent strains that it represented. Produced with two amazing strains, the Tangie Cookies strain has a THC level that clocks in at a whopping 28%! If that doesn’t seem potent enough for you then I don’t know what will! The strong cerebral and body effects work great in dealing with any nausea and fatigue that you may be feeling. As this strain provides the perfect balance between energizing and relaxing, it will definitely get users feeling refreshed with a new sense of productivity. 


If we’re talking about appearance and overall presentation, then the Purple Lemonade Auto marijuana strain undoubtedly takes home the cake. Emitting a seriously dark shade of purple that glistens under the subtle dustings of crystal-white trichomes, Purple Lemonade Auto is truly a sight to behold. This strain comes from crossbreeding some citrus and purple genetics from California and mixing them with some ruderalis genetics in order to provide some autoflowering features. The strong citrus taste coupled with a very sociable and uplifting high has quickly made it a fan-favorite among cannabis users. 

The beauties included on this list all carry the potential to turn into classic and legendary strains that will forever leave their marks on the cannabis scene. In just a matter of time, these marijuana strains will be staples in every marijuana shop due to their tantalizing effects and unique flavors. So if you plan on trying out new marijuana strains that won’t disappoint, then these are the ones for you!

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