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When it comes to marijuana strains, it’s quite hard to pick your favorite because almost all of the marijuana strains have a great effect on consumer’s individual health. You might have observed there is plenty of best marijuana strain medical that is good for pain and could help you make your daily life more comfortable and easy. 

The best medical marijuana strain provides the benefit of being properly grown for a quality product. There are still thousands of variations available, but research has mapped the active ingredients in marijuana, and commercial farmers may cultivate plants with the right balance of chemical compounds more specifically to help. 

But identifying which marijuana strain is the best doesn’t mean choosing your favorite. Rather than buying the first one you see in the market, you should look at the effects of each strain on common conditions used to treat and name the most effective one. Marijuana strains vary in CBD and THC content, offering plenty of options for the users. Below is the list of top marijuana strains that are great for medical use. 

Best Medical Marijuana Strain

White Widow 

White widow is a crossbreed between the resin heavy South Indian Indica strain and Brazilian Cannabis Sativa. It has white crystal resin buds. This is also one of the famous hybrid marijuana strains. The white widow became very famous in coffee shops in the 1990s, its popularity then spread around the world. It has a powerful burst of euphoria and can boost your energy immediately. White widow has a short flowering period and that makes it an ideal all-rounder cannabis plant for a starting grower. This is commonly used by patients suffering from body pains, insomnia, and also anxiety. Additionally, the white window can help you sleep happily. 

Sour Diesel 

This is a very popular strain and has a yellowish-green color with a similar smell as fuel. Its flowers are kinda sticky. This strain is very well known to medical users because it has mostly Sativa mind-altering high with some subtle physical Indica relaxation. The high of this strain goes on to users instantly in a warm and satisfying head rush, that’s why this is very suitable to those who are suffering from mood disorders like bipolar disorder and depression. The mood uplift is really noticeable. Additionally, this strain is really suited for those who are suffering from stress and other mental illnesses like anxiety and depression because this can help them have positive energy and positive thoughts.


ACDC is also one of the popular marijuana strains out there. Known to be high in both THC level as well as high in CBD level, and that makes it perfect for those who are suffering from pain. This strain brings about little-to-no intoxicating effects and helps patients treat various ailments like pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and the negative effects of chemotherapy. For some regular marijuana users, they might not find this strain appealing at all since it doesn’t exactly make you high but there is a subtle mellowing and energizing effect that allows you to release some tension in your body, relieves pain, and motivates you to make changes in your life. ACDC has won several Cannabis Cup awards due to the high CBD content present on it. This is a crossbreed between Cannatonic strain and Ruderalis strain, and a balanced hybrid at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. A highly recommended for medicinal marijuana users. 

Cherry Pie 

This marijuana strain is a well-balanced hybrid that releases a piney hash-like scent with buds that are dense and orange hairs with a slight touch of purple color. This is the result of crossbreeding between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Sometimes known as Cherry Kush and a potent Indica-leaning hybrid. It contains 16-18% THC and has a very pleasant smell. This strain is commonly used by patients who are suffering from bipolar disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. It certainly helps to increase or uplifts euphoria helps relax the body and mind and elevates the moods of a person. This strain has a pretty strong head effect, it relaxes the body just slightly enough to allow the user to remain productive. 


A Sativa marijuana strain and one of the most popular ones. Harlequin provides clear-headed effects and the ability to relax without sedation or intoxication. Because of its high level of CBD content, it makes it one of the most effective strains for treating pain and anxiety, as CBD can neutralize THC’s paranoia while amplifying its painkilling properties. This strain tastes great, it helps with pain, reduces anxiety, and has no negative effects. This is a perfect strain for pain relief and cramps and can alleviate the aches associated with joint pain and stiffness. Also, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful as medication for neuralgic pain fibromyalgia. A versatile medical marijuana strain that can be easily used during the day or at night. 

Master Kush 

Master Kush is also known as High Rise Grandmaster Kush is a popular Indica strain for alleviating pain. This strain is extremely potent because of its high level of THC content. Master Kush holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without mind-numbing effects. It has a very potent effect from start to finish and tends to take the edge off of things enough so you can relax and enjoy but still focus on whatever you are doing at the time. This strain produces a subtle earthy, pungent citrus smell, and the couch looks high. Master Kush is perfect for treating temporary and chronic conditions. This is also good for those who are suffering from pain, headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms. It can also be good in treating anxiety and depression and other mental disorders with its mood-altering effect. 


When it comes to finding the right medical marijuana strains you have to consider the condition of your body and the effects a certain strain can give you. The list of top medical marijuana strains varies from different resources and different years. It is advisable to talk to your medical doctor first before using or purchasing one. And if you happen to visit the clinic or dispensaries, you also have to consider their recommendations. Sometimes you might need to consider changing your marijuana strains and find the one that is suited for you and your body.

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