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It’s fun to purchase cannabis seeds from online seedbanks. Not only will you be able to purchase kinds seeds but you also get to buy unique seeds strains and even the newest and the most popular seeds in the market today. And if you are in Canada, you have the better Canadian seed banks to provide you with the best items.

It is also in Canadian seedbanks where you can find the most convenient payment options for online customers. The following could be one of your favorite online payment methods.

Credit Card

Everyone loves to pay with their credit card. Whether you have VISA, MasterCard, Amex or Discover, you can pay for your seeds fast and reliable. Credit card payment is the most usually accepted and is also perfect for any locations.

When you pay using your credit card, you can easily tell if the payment you made pushed through because this is going to be deducted to your account and an email sent to you. Some credit card companies offer buyer protection features so you won’t have to worry if your orders don’t make it. You can ask your credit card establishment for assistance.

Also, some credit card companies have special promos like points whenever their card is used. Frequent consumers get enough points to purchase, travel or to buy luxurious items. And if you are looking for a better way to shop and pay later, then a credit card is your best mode of payment.


Cryptocurrency is also fast becoming one of the most popular payment methods. Bitcoin is currently the most widely-accepted. But to spend Bitcoin is one thing, earning this is another. You need to mine Bitcoin online by doing different tasks.

The common task is very easy but monotonous like answering surveys, solving puzzles and games. You earn a particular number of Bitcoins whenever you complete a task. The value of Bitcoins depends on different conditions but mostly this could vary from time to time.

You may also barter money for Bitcoin by using a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet also allows you to convert Bitcoin to whatever currency to pay for your purchases online and also to be deposited to your own bank account.

Not all Canadian seed banks sites accept Bitcoin so be sure to search firmly to find websites that do.

Bank Transfers for Canada Customers

Another widely-accepted payment option for Canadian customers is through bank transfers. What happens is that you use your own bank account to send money to the company’s bank account. Once your payment has been received and classified, the company will send your seeds.

Although a bit questionable, especially when you are latest on purchasing cannabis seeds online, this payment method is used by a multiple of seedbanks. Just make sure to transact only from reputable companies before you send any money.

Confirm to get payment confirmation from your bank and from the seed bank company where you ask. Ask how long it counts take for your orders to arrive.


PayPal can also be an option to pay for cannabis seeds in other Canadian seed banks. PayPal is a preferred online payment platform because it offers buyer protection and seller protection.

A seed bank that allows PayPal payment means that they are reputable and abide by PayPal’s commitment to providing good service to customers.

PayPal has a special Buyers Protection feature that will let you refund your payment in case the package was not sent or there are problems with the specifications of the order. As long as your PayPal account is in good standing, you use it to pay for your purchase and you have created a ticket in the Resolution Centre then you are eligible for Buyers Protection.

When you use PayPal, the site’s login will appear once you choose this method of payment upon check out. You will be asked to log in to your account and then manage payment here. You will get an email once you have made payment. Don’t delete this email because this will help you with any concerns that may arise later.

Western Union

Another popular payment option is the Western Union. This payment alternative lets you pay a Canadian seed bank from any Western Union branches. This payment option is reliable, easy and convenient although not available for all consumers.

Western Union payments can also be done online. You don’t have to go through the hassle of driving to the nearest Western Union outlet. Just create an account at Western Union’s official website and then complete all the payment details. Pay using your credit card or PayPal and send your payment right away. Usually, your items will be processed once the seed bank company has obtained your payment.

What Makes Canadian Seed Banks Better?

Canadian seedbanks are better because they have a large sets of seeds as well as growing materials and products Most seedbanks here give high guarantees on germination and therefore you can be sure that your seeds are better.

These seedbanks are also able to get to any locations in Canada and even sometimes to the US. These websites also have stealth shipments available which is one of the easiest ways to deliver seeds online.

You can trust Canadian seedbanks to have seeds from popular Canadian breeders. You may not be able to purchase personally from these breeders but you can enjoy their better quality seeds when you purchase from Canadian seedbanks.

How to Stay Safe when Paying for Purchases Online

It’s very important to stay safe when buying marijuana seeds online. Remember that there are fake seedbanks that are simply out to get your money as well as your identity and credit information. This is why you must be very careful to never transact with scam sites.

Purchase smart and never be too easy to buy from just any seed bank online. Trust only reputable seedbanks and you will surely get the best marijuana seeds to grow at home.


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