Top 5 Cannabis Seed Companies that Ship to the USA

Purchasing any type of cannabis seeds online can be a frustrating procedure and experience. This is especially true now that most of the territories and states in the US disapprove the use of cannabis.

The number of opioid epidemics continues to rise which kills an average of one hundred and thirty people every single day. With such statistics, where you are getting your cannabis seeds truly matter.

Everyone wishes to obtain premium-quality cannabis seeds in order to achieve each of their intended goals. Especially for those who wish to obtain them for medicinal purposes, knowing where they came from will give peace on mind. Purchasing through reputable US seed banks is the first step in ensuring your health and safety.

Here is the list of our top five cannabis seed companies which ship particularly to the US and anywhere more.


  • Crop King Seeds


This seed bank originated in Canada and it offers a wide range of intricately feminized cannabis seeds. From Sativa to Indica dominant seeds and different strain variations such as Blueberry, Haze, Afghani, and more is in their complete list. They as well offers newly cultivated strains that are explicitly made for medical users and growers. On top of that, they also offer reasonable prices for their all-natural and high-quality products.

Here are some more of the benefits of buying from Crop King Seeds:

  • Cheap prices for exceptionally high-quality cannabis seeds
  • Most of their offered strains are usually contain high THC level and low CBD content
  • For growers, their seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors
  • Impressive customer feedbacks
  • Flexible mode of payment being offered


  • Sunwest Genetics


Sunwest Genetics has been around in the industry for more than 10 years. Such a company’s life span says so much more about their dedication to the cannabis plant and the industry. With such a reputation, you will never go wrong with it especially if you are desperately looking for legitimate US seed banks.

Aside from its long history and existence, here are some more of the advantages in choosing to buy from Sunwest Genetics:

  • Offers the first ever Seed Tracker Technology
  • 24/7 open-line chat support, live chat, and email customer service support
  • Excellent packaging and labeling
  • They offer a wide range of high-quality cannabis seeds and strains


  • MJ Seeds Canada


MJ Seeds Canada was established in 2009 and has been a world-renowned seeds bank supplier in Canada. The company does not only limit itself allowing it to offer only the finest kinds of cannabis strains and seeds. If you are looking for cannabis strains with higher THC content, you will never go wrong with MJ Seeds Canada.

They have a different selection which you can openly browse and various cannabis strains with THC level more than 20 percent. Here are more of their unfair advantage:

  • They offer a wide range of selection from feminized seeds, auto-flowering, medical, outdoor and indoor cultivations
  • It ships to the US and anywhere in the world
  • They accept cryptocurrency and other major financial options
  • The company also offers bulk orders and discounts for large cannabis growers


  • Rocket Seeds                                   

If you are seeking for a hassle-free online buying experience, Rocket Seeds is one of the best picks you should try. As one of the most prominent seed banks, they offer excellent customer service and has impressive customer’s satisfaction reviews.

They promise to deliver a hundred percent natural and safe cannabis seeds especially for patients looking for natural treatments. Here are some more of their promises to their customers:

  • They promise to carry only the creme-of-the-crop in the industry
  • They have a high set of standards in which cannabis seeds to carry to provide their customers only the best selection
  • They offer a wide range of seeds; regular, feminized, auto-flowering, high CBD, high THC, and many more
  • The seeds which they offer can be both cultivated indoors, in the greenhouse, or outdoors settings


  • Sonoma Seeds                  


The company is solely loyal and sticking to their motto, ‘Grow Organically’. Thus, since their establishment up to date, they offer only premium and the best lines of cannabis seeds. They also offer excellent customer service to deliver the highest optimum satisfaction.

With their company motto, they stand by the quality of their seeds and guarantees 80% germination rate. Here are some more of the company’s assurance for each of their prospect and existing customers:

  • They offer seasonal discounts and clearance sales promo
  • The company’s site is easy to navigate and access
  • Flexible payment methods
  • They offer various seeds from Sativa, Indica, and high CBD seeds

The Bottom Line

Looking for high-quality cannabis seeds that yield high results and at the same time provide effective healing effects is a tremendous task. In addition, assessing which among the numerous US seed banks in the market adds up to the confusion. However, with the list of top reputable sites which have already proven themselves capable in the industry, your goal is now readily achievable.

Finding the best cannabis seed companies which work best for you is now easier than ever before. All you have to do is to deliberately assess the service of each company and the list of their available items. If you are a large grower and looking for a new source of a supplier, testing their products by buying small portions is advisable.

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