Top 10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

You must have known by now that autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the best when it comes to growing times, yields and ease of growth. Leafly describes autoflowering marijuana seeds as seeds that are able to flower in as fast as 2 to 4 weeks and will be ready for harvest in a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. With this quick growing times, you will be able to harvest twice as much as you can when you grow these with training techniques. And no matter what strain you want to grow, you want to start with the best autoflowering cannabis seeds. The best seeds will guarantee better yields all year round. And without further ado, here are the top 10 best autoflowering cannabis seeds you can buy online now.

The top 10 best autoflowering cannabis seeds

Sweet Skunk Automatic

Don’t be deceived by its name. The Sweet Skunk’s automatic counterpart grows fast so pretty soon, you will be harvesting your sweet pungent weed in no time. This strain is a cross between Green Poison and Big Devil #2 so expect a riot when it comes to taste, aroma, and effects. Sweet Skunk is already a fast-growing strain and when it was made into an auto strain, it became more viable and ready to be harvested in just a matter of eight weeks. Sweet Skunk automatic also defeats the notion that auto cannabis plants will provide very little yield because you can expect 40 to 50 grams per plant. But of course, you must provide your plants a good growing environment so that it can yield more. This strain can grow in small areas like gardens, grow boxes or balconies. It has a very strong taste and aroma and most of all, a smooth, soothing toke.

Royal Dwarf

The Royal Dwarf earned its name because of its adorable size. This strain is one of the most compact and therefore it can grow even in the smallest cabinets, boxes, and tents. Another amazing thing about the Royal Dwarf is that it grows very tight buds. So if you are looking for a strain for stealth growing, this could be it. And despite its size, you can expect to harvest at least 60 grams per plant. Harvest time is around eight to nine weeks. This plant comes with a very strong smell and will give you mild and relaxing effects. You won’t feel heavy or too tired after taking this making it a good mid-morning strain to smoke.

Royal Critical Automatic

The name Critical might sound negative to you but actually, the Royal Critical automatic gives off soothing, relaxing effects which you will be missing after its effects have faded away. The Royal Critical Automatic is a mixture of ruderalis, indica and sativa strain so you can also expect a mixture of features and characteristics present from each type of cannabis. This strain is very popular in cannabis growers who want to have strong and large yields. Royal Critical automatic takes to its sativa parents a tall, strong and sturdy body and it has inherited its quick growth and good yields from its ruderalis parent. Royal Critical is ready for harvest in just nine weeks after planting. This plant is strong with large dense buds, therefore, you can get from 70 to 80 grams per plant. No wonder it is considered one of the top 10 best autoflowering cannabis seeds to grow.

White Widow Automatic

White Widow is a famous strain known for its balanced hybrid characteristics. It was created by Green House Seeds from the Netherlands and is a mixture of a Brazilian sativa landrace strain and a South Indian indica strain. It grows large white buds coated with crystal resin. Many who have used White Widow say that these lovely white buds act as a warning for the strain’s very potent effects. This strain only needs 75 days to grow and you can expect about 40 to 160 grams per plant. Truly a plant that provides good yields. White Widow automatic also has a delectable sweet, sour, citrus-like aroma and taste.

Royal Creamatic

The Royal Creamatic is one of the newest additions to the Royal family. This strain has a sensational aroma and flavor made for people who love something sweet. Royal Creamatic has an intense, sweet caramel flavor and aroma. It has a strong but relaxing effect that will make you surrender to a relaxing sleep at the end of the day. Royal Creamatic was grown by crossing the breeder’s top ruderalis strains with a Cream Caramel. The result is a tough strain that can produce more yields in almost half the time it takes compared to regular marijuana strains. This autoflowering cannabis is great for growing indoors in small boxes, tents, and rooms. But despite its very small size, it can provide you with 80 to 110 grams per plant. This is truly a large yield compared to regular plants with the same characteristics. You can bet that your plants will be ready for harvest in a matter of eight weeks.

Royal Haze Automatic

From Dinafem Seeds, Royal Haze or Royale Haze is a sativa strain that was made by combining three powerful parents: Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights> This strain take after its Haze lineage because of its spicy citrusy flavor and thrilling energetic effects. You will also be able to use a Royal Haze for treating anxiety, depression and poor appetite. The autoflowering version of the Royal Haze strain has a fresh taste and uplifting effects. This plant has a short structure, therefore, it can be grown in small places like a grow cabinet, grow box or grow tent. And despite its short size and small structure, you can get from 80 to 100 grams per plant given these are grown in good environmental conditions. You will be able to harvest in just 10 to 12 weeks.

Royal AK Automatic

This is another cannabis strain with a controversial name. The Royal AK Automatic is a potent hybrid strain made by the union of a Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains. It has a complex lineage but amazingly, it is easy to grow and it can thrive almost anywhere. The Royal AK Automatic will be able to yield from 70 to 120 grams per plant as long as you provide the ideal growing conditions. This strain will be able to give you good yields in a matter of nine to 10 weeks. And aside from its quick flowering and large yields, this strain has a strong, smooth taste coupled with a musky, sweet incense-like aroma.  Take this anytime during the day and it will give you happy and active effects.

Royal Jack Automatic

Made from the popular Jack Herer, the Royal Jack automatic is a strain named after a man who helped push the legalization of cannabis. Jack Herer was a marijuana activist and an author who wrote: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” His legacy will live forever and celebrated every time someone smokes this very smooth strain. The Royal Jack Automatic is ready for harvest in only 10 weeks. You can guarantee 40 to 70 grams per plant. This autoflowering strain will not grow too tall which makes it the perfect strain to grow in small spaces. It has an uplifting and creative effect but without the edgy effect. The taste of this strain is fresh and smooth but with a touch of spice.

Northern Light Automatic

Another popular cannabis strain is Northern Lights. It has fathered many awesome strains and is responsible for the smooth and calm effects in many. This autoflowering cannabis plant starts to produce flowers almost immediately and has a short growing period of just 9 weeks. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors but does well in an indoor growing station in a place where there is a warm climate. You will be able to get high yields with Northern Light Automatic and is known to be one of the highest yielding plants. Some strain that was grown outdoors in Spain will be able to provide as much as 200 grams per plant. But when grown indoors, you can expect around 90 grams per plant. Northern Lights have a sweet taste and a comfortable, relaxing effect. It is also very popular among people looking for a medical cannabis strain for pain and insomnia.

 Royal Cheese Automatic

Do you love cheese as much as the next person? Then the Royal Cheese automatic may be the strain for you. This is known for its unique, strong aroma and taste similar to cheese, it will grow from seed to a fully mature plant in just 10 weeks. When you grow Royal Cheese Automatic in the ideal environment and conditions, you can get up to 135 grams per plant with the average of 40 grams per plant. This strain has amazing effects with strong, physical and soothing effects guaranteed to hit you as soon as you take the first exhale.

Many growers purchase autoflowering cannabis seeds from seedbanks online or offline. If you buy from cannabis seeds banks, it is likely you are trying to get the best seeds for the best yields. You will surely be happy with the results if you grow any of the best selections from this list of the top 10 best autoflowering cannabis seeds.

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