Sativa or Indica

Sativa or Indica – How to Tell which Marijuana Seeds to Buy 

Choosing the right type of Marijuana could be complicated and confusing to those without any knowledge about the differences between Sativa and Indica. Major differences between these two types of weeds exist in terms or effects, size, leaves, and growing. Knowing these could help in buying weeds for wanted usage.

 Overall Pain Relief vs. Uplifting Energetic High

Body effects of both Indica and Sativa differs greatly to a point that one is directly opposite of the other. Indica types of pot have effect that remove effectively pain around the body. Medical patients of marijauna smoke this type during night time aiding in giving deep and long sleep. This gives sleepy feeling that provides couch-lock effect giving numbing in the entire part of the body.

Sativa types of weed on the other hand give energizing and uplifting effect that drives smokers during daytime. This fuels the creativity of the puffer excellent aid in making artistic materials. This types fights effects of moderate to severe depression that could result to serious health hazards.

 Short and Wide vs. Tall and Think

Physical differences can be noticed with both types of weeds when fully matured. Indica plants tend to grow short and wide which makes them excellent for growing indoors. Sativa strain plants are tall and thin which makes it great for growing outdoors. Some can even reach up to 25 feet in height.

 Short vs. Long Flowering Time

Sativa weed plants mostly take long time before becoming mature and able to flower buds. Some could reach 20 weeks before harvest can be done. However, these types can have large harvests because of its enormous size which makes it worth the wait. Indica on the other hand has short flowering time which average range of eight to ten weeks. A Dutch indica Strain named Top44 can flower in as early as 44 days. Addition of carbon dioxide in its surroundings can help increase its flowering time to one week earlier.

Comparison of Yield

In most types, Indica weeds have higher yield in grams per meter square of plant. This means that Indica has compacted buds around its body. However, Sativa has lesser yield in grams per square meter of plant however they have larger surface area than indica plants which give them higher amount of harvest compared to its sister type. The long duration of growth also contributes for its high quantity of harvest.

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