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The Best Payment Method in Ordering Marijuana Seeds Online 

Picking the right type of weed seed to buy is just the first part in buying marjauna. The next part is deciding the method for payment to the website. There are numerous payment methods that can be done to purchase a good. However, some people want to become discreet when ordering this. Here are some best ways in paying.

 Cash Transfer. Using this type of payment transaction can leave no record of transaction for marijauna trade. The details about the transaction will be between the buyer and the seller only. However, you will find a hard time to get the detail information for sending the money for some sellers because some want to be discreet. Contact them through the email address provided on their website.

 Money Transfer through Mobile Phones. Some network providers have developed special features that enable a person to send money from cellphone to cellphone with only phone numbers involve. This could be very useful to people that want their personal identity to be secret. You only need to acquire the phone number of the seller to send money.

 Sending Personal Checks. Issuing of check to the dealer can hide the type of products that are being traded. Paying through checks prevents fraud and scams by placing advance date of withdrawal for cash. Cancellation of the check can be easily done with a simple call to the bank in terms for violation of agreement on the seller side. This method of transaction takes time to complete because sending material to other places usually takes a lot of time depending on the transportation method and destination.

Email Money Transfer. Sending money through the internet can also be of convenience because it is fast and easy.  Some banks developed these types of money transaction which uses email address to send money. This form of money transfer serves like an electronic check that the receiver can transfer to his account. No need for the account number of the individual receiver but a security question and answer is involved. Make sure that only both of you know this to avoid problems.

 Bank to Bank. This method is simple yet private way of sending money. This simply involves transferring money from the buyer to the bank account of the seller. Most banks offer this for free of charge. Even overseas money transfer can be done but requires a lot of details including name and address of account holder.

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