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Ordering Marijuana Seeds – Consider your Climate if you are Growing Outdoors 

Growing Cannabis outdoors can provide many advantages for both the grower and the plant. Those seeds capable of developing into full grown in natural environment tend to have higher yield, cheaper maintenance, and convenient. Growing could be so simple even for beginners. However, it is necessary to know whether the seeds suit the place climate.

 Cannabis Seeds in Colder Climate

Regular seeds the does not suit well in colder climates have low yield when planted outdoors. Some might not develop into a full grown plant. Knowing the exact seed to plant in a specific climate could pay off your money, effort, and time raising the plant. Weed seeds that are specially breed for cool places must be used in order to ensure maximum harvest.

Most of the Cannabis strain needs excessive amount of light to produce a lot of flowers. However, colder regions do not have much light that could help make buds. Hybrid strains have been developed to be able to survive and grow in places such as that. Another feature of these varieties is having short flowering periods that could hasten your production rates. Make sure to research the strain and cold climate compatibility with all of your seeds.

 Cannabis Seeds in Tropical Climate

Raising Cannabis seeds outdoors in tropical climate are excellent because of enough light sources that a plant could have. A tropical country has sunlight for about 12 hours a day which makes a good thing for both the vegetative and flowering stages of the Cannabis seeds. Temperature does not go too hot or too cold for the plant which gives them higher chance of survival until harvest period.

Other needs of the plants such as water and nutrients can be naturally acquired in the environment. No further effort can be done aside from planting. Nutrients supplements can still be added when available soil is bad.

 Cannabis Seeds in Hot Climate

Several factors of marijauna seeds should be considered before planting outdoor with hot climate. Research for seeds that have strain that have high heat resistance that came from its genetics or breeding. Plants that do not have body structure for hot climates tend to wither and die out when too much heat is applied from the sun. Beginners are advice to grow indoors in hot climate places because it has much higher survival rates.

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