The Rise of Marijuana Seed Banks in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Have you ever thought about buying cannabis seeds in Vancouver, Canada? Vancouver seed banks are fast becoming very popular among marijuana users and growers. This is because most seed banks from the city are known for their excellent services and great products.

Vancouver seed banks are perfect for different types of marijuana consumers. And whether you’re visiting the city or a resident, you’ll love the variety of impressive strains you can try out.

It is Legal to Consume and Grow Cannabis in Canada

Canada has legalized the growing of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. Of course, also included is the consumption and purchase of seeds and cannabis products.  The growing of cannabis is regulated by the federal government as well as municipal governments.

Vancouver Rules when it Comes to Growing Cannabis

In Vancouver, growers are allowed to cultivate cannabis as long as they are 18 years of age. Every residence can grow up to 5 plants while excess plants should be destroyed. Growers are advised to place their growing areas under lock and key to make these safe for children and pets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You must also take care of any smell which your plants may develop whether these are grown indoors or outdoors.

Where to Buy Seeds

To buy seeds, you can purchase from local seed banks and from online seedbanks. To purchase, you need to present identification to prove that you are 18 years of age. You can also order online or and have seeds delivered to you which are perfect if you live remotely from the city where most seedbanks are located.

Growers from all around the world know that with open regulations in growing weed, the seed banks in the area will have better products and services. Considering that Canada has regulated recreational and medicinal cannabis, growers may now find that they need or want to consume. Aside from seeds,  you can also buy growing equipment like lamps, fertilizers, growing soil and more. These seedbanks sites offer a convenient way to purchase everything you need to start growing cane.

Canada has the Best Growers

Canadian growers are the best breeders and growers from everywhere around the world. Growers rely on their expertise in growing weed for indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Indoor cannabis growing will require you to take care of your plants day and night. You need to provide good lighting, air pressure, the best temperature, and the best soil. Considering how hard it is to grow weed indoors, Canadian growers and breeders have mastered this and created the best strains like:


  • Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth is a very popular local strain that is more than what you can ask for in average sweet cannabis. It has indica roots which have made it a true blue winner at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup. Sweet Tooth has enchanted users with its relaxing high that will take into another dimension of relaxation. It is also a therapeutic strain which can reduce all kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, chronic pains and so many more.


  • Mendocino Purps


British Columbia is the home of many impressive marijuana strains, among these, is Mendocino Purps. The Purps, this is a hybrid which is popular for its fantastic hybrid effects and its unique ability to block conditions like pain, anxiety, and depression.

However, The Purps seeds are very rare because this was made from a clone. But this is a  living legend from BC that deserves every cannabis consumer’s attention.


  • Manitoba Poison


This Canadian strain may not be from Vancouver but it is still a marijuana masterpiece created in Canada. Manitoba is a province found at the center of the country where you will find healthy rich soil and people who have offered their talents and skills to create this strain. Manitoba Poison has a balanced 50% indica and 50% sativa composition, therefore, you should expect a mixture of effects. You will feel a heavy indica high as you take first exhale of this strain. Then, you’ll surrender to a relaxing high that will help you feel euphoric, happy and sleepy. Manitoba Poison is a pain reliever and a stress stopper so it’s a nice medicinal strain to grow home.


  • Chemo


Chemo may be one of the oldest strains dating back to the 1970s. It was developed to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and hence the short name. It is a strain made from Canada capable of alleviating chemotherapy side effects including pain, nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. Patients who have used this strain agree that they were able to improve their weight, enhance their overall state of health and have developed better eating habits. Chemo is still being used today as a potent therapeutic strain.


  • DJ Short Blueberry


The fruity and juicy Juicy Fruit was mixed with the potent Flo and out comes the DJ Short Blueberry strain. This is a classic example of a heavy indica with flowers oozing with fantastic resin.  

This is a legendary strain which many thinks has roots from Central America and Southeast Asia. Seeds of this strain are hard to find therefore it can only be grown from clones. And getting cutting is even harder so when you find one, you must enjoy it the best you can.


  • Island Sweet Skunk


Island Sweet Skunk is known as one of the greatest cannabis strains from Canada. This incredible strain was made by mixing landrace strains which is why it is the characteristics of a full-bodied sativa.

You can count on Island Sweet Skunk for its impressive therapeutic effect due to its high CBD content. It can relieve conditions such as pain, inflammation, stress, and depression. It has analgesic, mood-elevating and energetic effect which is why this strain is more preferred by Canadians and consumes from abroad.


  • M-39


The M-39 comes from the combination of a  powerful indica and a Northern Lights strain. It is a very powerful indica that has strong relaxing effects. You can use M-39 to relieve a number of medical conditions including pain, anxiety, and depression.

M-39 is quite difficult to grow and should be cultivated only by an experienced grower. It comes with a fruity and lemony aroma due to its large trichome-coated buds.


  • God Bud


God Bud can grow immense yields with sky-rocketing-amounts of resin and has a delicious smell and aroma. It is a short plant with pure indica effects. God Bud was made by combining the genes of a Hawaiian, Purple Skunk and a Canadian strain known only as God.

God Bud has a hallucinogenic effect which will leave a tropical taste in your mouth. It is a strain that will treat depression, stress, pain, muscle cramps, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and insomnia.

Vancouver Seedbanks have Local and Online Services

Most Vancouver seed banks come with counterpart online sites. This is why it’s easy to shop for cannabis seeds and cannabis products in the city.  You can shop for seeds and other products locally and remotely.

With an online site, you can buy seeds from your home. No need to brave the weather just to get your seeds and weed plus, you don’t have to fall in line to buy your strains as well. And if you are not well to visit a local seed bank to buy medical cannabis seeds then buying online is the best option.

Online services sell products offered by local seedbanks. And what you can purchase locally, you can also buy online. And when your orders arrive at your delivery address, you still need to present an ID to claim it.

Vancouver Seed Banks offer Great Delivery Options and Safe Payment Methods

Cannabis orders made from legit seedbanks are handled by Canada Post. This is the most trusted courier service in Vancouver as well as the rest of the country. All orders will be delivered promptly wherever you are in Vancouver and you need to provide an identification card stating your age.

If you are not at home to receive your orders, Canada Post will never leave a package unclaimed by the door.  You will be provided with a card to inform you how to get your package at the post office.

If you are not home, you can assign a representative to receive your orders. You must write a letter to authorize this person. He will also be asked to present his proof of identification to receive the package and to confirm his age.

Since most seedbanks in Vancouver offer stealth delivery, you can trust that Canada Post will also help you with your purchases.  Stealth delivery protects your identity as you shop for cannabis seeds and products online.

If you want to use your credit card to pay for your orders, the name of the seed bank will not be included on your receipt. This way your identity is protected and you’ll remain safe as you pay for your cannabis seeds online.

If you live in Vancouver, consider yourself lucky. There are amazing cannabis shops locally and online to  help you in just about anything about cannabis

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