The Pros and Cons of Smoking Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa is a group of marijuana known for its satisfying, stimulating effects. People, who consume sativas use it for its recreational effects because it offers a steady, heady high, Many looks for and buys sativa seeds online because they want to grow a steady supply at home, but are all these worth it? Are there disadvantages to growing and consuming Cannabis sativa as well?

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis is a family of plants with three distinct varieties: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Of the three, sativa strain is the poster boy of marijuana with its distinctive leaf shape where the green leaf symbol of cannabis was patterned from.

Cannabis sativa plants are tall plants with a lanky appearance. This plant will grow as tall as 5 or more feet especially when grown outdoors. It has one of the longest flowering times with strains blooming after 12 or more weeks. 

Cannabis sativa strains mostly have higher THC amounts. This means that these strains can cause psychoactive effects when consumed. Especially when these strains are smoked or vaped, you’ll feel the effects as soon as you take the first whiff. 

Consumers are cautioned against the use of sativa strains despite its many promising effects. Here are some of the advantage of using sativa strains.   

Why use Cannabis Sativa Strains?


  • It makes you feel really good


Possibly a reason that no sativa consumer can deny is that this strain can make you feel really good. Because of the uplifting effect of sativas, you’ll be able to feel energetic therefore you are ready to conquer anything, do anything. These are all pleasant stimulating effects. 

If you have had problems or any worries on your mind, sativas can take you away from all these negativity even for a few hours or more. You can now focus on more things and even find solutions to your problems as well. 

This positive feelings visible to others too as they’ll see you smile, laugh, giggle and socialize. You’ll be able to talk to people you hardly know, strike a conversation with strangers or work on creative stuff. 


  • It can help control epilepsy 


One of the reasons to consider using cannabis sativa is that it can help control seizures or epilepsy. In fact, the very first (and only) cannabis drug approved by the FDA is for controlling seizures. Rare strains are now being developed to control different types of seizures including one that is common in very young children. 

So if you or any member of your family would like to use cannabis sativa for seizures, you can always consult a cannabis-friendly doctor to help you out. Never take this strain for seizures or epilepsy without the guidance of a doctor. 


  • It can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression


Cannabis sativa is a sure winner when it comes to relieving anxiety and depression. The high THC content is sure to take you to a better place where stress and worries exist. Stress caused by PTSD, panic disorders and anxiety and these may be reduced with the use of sativas. 

The reason why cannabis sativa is good for stress, anxiety, and depression is that it has natural stimulating effects which help improve mood, elevate your senses and enhance energy.

Most doctors that prescribe cannabis sativa for stress use it as an alternative treatment. Because cannabis is natural, you can expect fewer side effects compared to synthetic antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.


  • It can stop the pain


The most popular reason for using cannabis sativa is for pain. This strain is high in THC and therefore it is capable of blocking pain for hours.  If you are suffering from chronic pain then you can surely get relief from strong sativa strains. 

Pain has different forms, intensities and can affect different parts of the body. Cannabis sativa can help you stop headaches, toothaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle strains, back pains and so many more. 

Even people who have had unresolved pain can get relief from cannabis sativa strains. If you think that you can benefit from sativa’s natural analgesic effects, consult your doctor. There are sativas that are more effective in relieving pain than others. He will prescribe the ideal dose that’s right for your symptoms as well.


  • It can slow down Alzheimer’s Disease


One of the most impressive reasons why old people use cannabis sativa is that it helps slow down the aging of brain cells and protects it from Alzheimer’s Disease. By smoking or consuming cannabis sativa, seniors will be able to live normally, avoid deteriorating effects of aging such as memory loss, poor judgment and lack of energy. 

Senior communities usually promote wellness and natural healing. Taking cannabis sativa strains is one of the most preferred treatments of some patients because with sativa, they feel younger, with better energies and enhanced appetites.


  • It can stop cancer cells from spreading


The use of cannabis for cancer is still being done as we speak and every day, more and more people are considering using cannabis to fight cancer. 

The cancer-fighting capability of cannabis has been considered in the treatment of some tumors.  Studies have shown that it can shrink tumors and stop its growth. Still, there are studies regarding the positive effects of cannabis in the relief of gastrointestinal problems which can help prevent colon cancers.

Growing Cannabis Sativa Plants will give you better Yields

If you wish to cultivate cannabis sativa plants, you are on your way to grow cannabis plants that will grow tall, lanky yet very fruitful. Most sativa plants will grow the best yields especially when these are grown in a favorable environment.

Most sativa strains prefer warm, Mediterranean-like climates. This allows the plant to grow taller, wider and better. Sativas usually take time to flower (around 12 weeks or more) but these will definitely be worth the wait because you’ll be getting better yields compared to other strains.                                                  

Are there Disadvantages of using Cannabis Sativa Strains?

Cannabis sativa has impressive natural and medicinal effects but it is not without any side effects and disadvantages. Remember the following before you buy sativa seeds online or from local seed banks.  

It can make you feel Anxious and Restless

Sativa strains will deal with stress and anxiety when taken moderately. But when you take a higher dose, you’ll end up experiencing severe anxiety and restlessness. These are because of the high THC content in sativa strains that causes increased blood flow to the different areas of the body.

THC can increase blood flow to the brain and heart causing an increase in heart rate and respiration. This can even become more pronounced if you are new to taking sativa strains or you are new to taking cannabis altogether.

You can Suffer from Respiratory Problems

Smoking cannabis can be unpleasant to some people. Any form of smoke is hazardous to the airways. Smoke can occlude the airways and stop breathing temporarily. 

Some people are allergic to smoke that they would prefer a better way to take cannabis. Although smoking or vaping cannabis is the fastest way to take advantage of its natural effects, they would rather take oil, edibles or tinctures instead to avoid the smoke.  

THC can affect balance

THC can increase blood flow to the different parts of the body especially the brain where it can affect balance. It can also cause poor concentration and judgment when taken in higher doses.                                                                                                                   These side effects must not be overlooked because these can be dangerous. 

And despite these, it can also be prevented. You can avoid these by taking sativas moderately. If you are new to sativa strains, take half of the dose that’s prescribed to you because it’s likely that you’ll suffer from more side effects if you take a full dose. You may increase your dose as soon as you have acclimated to your first one. 

You will smell like cannabis when you use marijuana 

Is there a way to enjoy weed without smelling like one? Because you prefer to smoke cannabis sativa rather than take it orally, it would be harder to remove the strong cannabis odor from your home and on your person.

Sativas are known to be the most flavorful but the smelliest strains of all. If you are growing cannabis stealthily indoors or outdoors, it could be very hard to hide cannabis sativa strains because of its very strong smell. 

And to make things worse, you need to take care of the smell to abide by local cannabis growing rules if you live in Canada. It’s usually a challenge to control the smell but growers succeed by using carbon filters or by opening a window or door.

Disadvantages of growing cannabis sativa

Sativas are the largest of all cannabis strains and should be grown outdoors. Although you can grow sativa indoors, outdoor growing will maximize its growth potential. It will yield more because it will receive more light, fresh air, and good soil.

If you want to buy sativa seeds online to grow your own supply, you’ll need a large space so your plants can grow larger and yield better. 

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