The Legality of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

If you are planning to grow marijuana at home then the very first thing that you may have thought about is where you get the best seeds. Basically, good, healthy plants come from good, healthy seeds. And good seeds come from reputable growers and suppliers. But if there are no cannabis seed banks near you, the only way to go is to buy mj seeds online.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online May Not Be as Easy as it Sounds

While some people may simply order marijuana seeds online from an online seed bank, other people are not as lucky. In areas where cannabis is still prohibited including the production of cannabis and the selling of marijuana, it’s tough to find what you need online.

Is Cannabis Legal From Where You are Located?

Learning about the state of growing and consuming cannabis in your area should be your number one priority. If there are regulations, understand these well before you purchase seeds and before you grow your plants.

Consider the important points of marijuana growing in your area. In Canada, marijuana growing is allowed. But growing and distribution depend on each province. In general, you are only allowed to grow a certain number of plants

Even the municipalities found in each province have specific responsibilities regarding marijuana use and growing. Therefore citizens who wish to grow cannabis should understand these before starting.


In Canadian provinces, there are a limited number of plants that you can grow. There are also regulations regarding growing cannabis inside your property, about security and about the smell. Still, there are also rules regarding growing cannabis near public places.

You are not allowed to grow cannabis if your home is located near a playground, a school or in areas where there are minors. Where seeds are purchased is also regulated. You cannot buy seeds off the streets in some provinces. Only from designated local dispensaries or cannabis shops or online sites.  

Buying Marijuana Seeds from Across the Globe

United States

More and more states in the US are allowing the sale, growing and the use of cannabis. Therefore if you plan to grow cannabis in the country, you must understand the laws that govern each state.

If the state where you are located allow the growing of cannabis then there are rules regarding where to buy seeds, how many plants are allowed to grow and the amount of cannabis that is allowed for harvest. Any excess should be destroyed.

As of press time, it is recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states, 1 territory and in the District of Columbia. Use of marijuana is decriminalized in the other 13 states and one territory.

When it comes to medical marijuana, this is legal in 33 states and in 4 territories as well as the District of Columbia.

United Kingdom

In the UK, buying, selling or cannabis seeds trading is legal. This is permitted whether you are buying seeds locally or from other countries in the UK.

However, it is not allowed to germinate seeds. Therefore the seeds that you purchased should only be for souvenir or display. If you are found germinating seeds then you might be prosecuted.

It is advised that if you plan to grow seeds, you must consider buying from a reputable vendor that won’t discuss seed germination. This is because discussion can lead to an intention to buy seeds for germination and eventually growing cannabis.


There is a complicated rule regarding cannabis growing and buying seeds online in Germany. Because cannabis seeds don’t contain any cannabinoid compound, these are legal to buy online.

The German Narcotics Act does not cover seeds but the sale of cannabis seeds are not allowed all over the country. This makes Germany the only European country to prohibit buying seeds countrywide.

If you want to buy seeds in Germany then there is a loophole for you. Because of the free movement of goods in the European Union, seeds may be ordered online and shipped to the country. You won’t be prosecuted if you purchase seeds online.

But if you need to grow medical cannabis or you want to use medical marijuana then this may be permitted. You need to talk to a medical professional.


In Spain, cannabis seedbanks are found even in small villages. Therefore it would be safe to say that it is legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Spain. This is as long as cannabis is used and enjoyed privately.

The atmosphere in Spain is quite similar to the UK with a few differences. Spain has decentralized areas and each one is capable of creating regulations pertaining to cannabis rules.

Seeds shops must get authorization to distribute or sell cannabis, however, the private use of cannabis is legal. If you wish to grow cannabis freely and freely enjoy the fruits of your labor then Spain is the place for you!


There are numerous grow shops in Italy. Marijuana seeds are viewed as tools for cultivation, therefore, it’s easy to purchase these. Any other activity related to cannabis is illegal. It is common to hear people being arrested for possession of cannabis but most are let off by police authorities. Despite these small instances, cannabis use remains illegal.


Almost every cannabis consumer dreams of going to the Netherlands. This is considered the motherland of anything related to marijuana use not just in Europe but all over the world. You will find cannabis being smoked here publicly in what the call “coffeeshops.”

You will be able to find cannabis seeds of every kind here including THC-potent seeds and high CBD seeds. There are also seedbanks that sell online making it possible for people around the world to enjoy cannabis of different potencies.

Cannabis is allowed under what locals call “tolerance policy.”  Police authorities allow a small number of plants to be grown as long as these are for personal use.

Tourists, on the other hand, can purchase cannabis seeds locally or buy these online. Most cannabis is sold in small quantities. If you want to buy cannabis then you should state that this is for souvenir use only.

If you are located in a foreign country and you wish to purchase seeds from a seed bank site located in the Netherlands, check if the seed bank delivers to your location.

Double check regulations about cannabis seeds buying online from your area too so your packages can be delivered safely to your location.


Marijuana seeds are legal to buy as long as these are declared for souvenir only. Growing cannabis for recreation is illegal in France, therefore, it will be hard to buy cannabis seeds on the streets.

If you want to purchase cannabis seeds online when you are in France, purchase only from online seedbanks that allow delivery or shipment to the country. Consider buying only from reputable retailers online.

South America

In South American countries like Mexico, cannabis growing and use are illegal therefore it’s hard to find seeds in the market. But somehow, buying seeds online and from local distributors have been decriminalized.

For medical cannabis, it is legal to use marijuana if the THC is below 1%. You need to find out the THC content of the cannabis to avoid getting arrested or questioned. But then again, decriminalization has eased on laws governing cannabis use and this sometimes does not matter anymore.

New Zealand

It is illegal to use cannabis for recreational use. But this remains to be seen in a legalization referendum which will be held in 2020. But when it comes to medical reasons, citizens can take medical cannabis. They need to secure a prescription for use of medical cannabis. When buying cannabis seeds online, purchase from online seedbanks that deliver to your location.   

South Africa

When it comes to recreational weed, it is legal to possess and grow cannabis but not for retail. For medical use, it is legal to consume cannabis however there is no specific system used to sell cannabis to consumers.

Buying cannabis seeds is done from local seedbanks as well as from online sites. If you want to grow cannabis, check out any specific rules about growing cannabis from your home.


Recreational cannabis has been decriminalized. Starting in 2012, having 10 grams or less is decriminalized to the point that you will only be asked to pay a fine for possession. When it comes to medical marijuana, it is legal to use medical cannabis and to grow your own supply.

You are allowed to grow only a certain amount of plants. Check local Swiss laws before you start growing your own garden.  



In the exotic country of Thailand, it is illegal to consume cannabis for recreational use however, this behavior is decriminalized. When it comes to medical marijuana, this is legal in Thailand. To define this better, cannabis possession, cultivation and import or export of up to 10 kg of marijuana will result in imprisonment or a fine. Medical cannabis was declared legal in 2018. It is not possible to buy mj seeds online from Thailand.

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