The Explosion of THC Bomb in the Market

The Marijuana Industry, as we speak today, grows bigger than ever before. The strains become more diverse, its prices go high and low, the users multiply from thousands to millions, and the demand for quality seeds and strains is at its highest.

As the growers unlock new plants for commercial and medical uses, a single strain makes a noise in the arena of competition boasting its chemical content and could rise to popularity as one of the strains with the highest THC content ever recorded in Marijuana plants- the THC Bomb.

Knowing the Bomb

This bomb has been a signature strain by a seed company from the Netherlands known to create seeds with extraordinary chemical contents and unique strains. THC Bomb has either Indica or Sativa dominant genetics, which creates a well-rounded effect, making you knock down at the very first few seconds after consuming this weed.

The plant has dark green-colored leaves with obvious and bright orange pistils. The bomb’s buds appear to be heavy, Indica-dependent look and a bomb-like resemblance which stores the higher concentration of THC volume in its system. Finally, its blooming colorful flowers coat with shiny, translucent white resins that give them a fresh look.

On average, this plant grows from 2 feet or higher, considering the factors for its growth, especially the climate of the area where it cultivates in the long run. This strain has a flowering cycle of 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days, depending on the method used by its grower.

Good thing, the strain is easy to plant both for beginners and experts, especially when Screen of Green Method is properly used for indoor planting. If the owner chooses outdoor planting, the plant needs a sunny and warm climate.

For the much-awaited THC content? This plant has 25% of THC volume in overall scaling, with a CBD content of less than 1%. You may doubt now with this percentage but do not underestimate its volume because the effects of this strain have been highly regarded as one-of-a-kind and excellent.

The aromatic part that it possesses ranges from a tolerable strong to a skunky one. The floral scent of a THC Bomb ranges from a dank and earthy smell to a woody and musky one. In addition, the flowers also contain a lemon-like scent, comparable to how a Chemdawg strain smells like.

The taste of this plant when consumed is generally enlightening and refreshing. With a high THC content, you cannot expect for a sweet taste, but differ this strain as the bomb explodes with a flowery or citric or sweet taste.

True to its word, this strain is an exploding variant. With the detonation, you can’t tell when a big and wonderful surprise explodes to its users.

The Explosive Effects

Due to its high THC Content, this bomb is not like the other obviously effective for the daytime use, before you hit the office or during your strenuous hours in your workstation. THC Bomb is versatile, meaning, it is for use in the morning during work or at night before sleeping.

This bomb is effective for treating the following medical conditions:

  • Pains
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Nausea
  • Stress
  • Depression

Because it can cure different Medical Illnesses, this plant can give the following several effects good for the users:

  • Happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Uplifted Spirit
  • Creativity
  • Relaxed

With these effects, people tend to grow more curious and eager to buy this plant for personal use. However, with the relatively high THC content, THC bombs can create harmful effects which may affect your daily activity that needs greater physical motion. It can give the following side effects:

  • Dry Eyes and Mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

There are reports that when other users tried exceeding this strain’s usage, they became couch-locked, leading to a sudden temporary knockdown and impairment to do everything and think anything.

Is the World Terrified?

Generally speaking, no. In fact, the Dutch citizens liked it the most. Aside from the fact that this plant came from their place, they were the first people in trying to receive its exploding effects that generated positive reviews and reactions.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Colorado natives admire this bomb, just like how they loved other strong strains with high contents, either it is THC or a CBD dependent.

The rest of the world grew astounded upon the release of this strain in 2017. What caught their attention is the bomb’s versatility of that can happen in night or day even though the THC content spikes more than the usual trend.

Aside from that, the well-rounded effects of this strain, compared with the other strains, produced greater and wider possible effects to all of its users, be it in the medical field or in recreational purposes.

Detonating this Bomb

The Seed Bank that created this strain earned awards and recognition beyond our measurement. The world generally admired this strain, even most of them raised hesitations first.

Moreover, this plant is great for people dealing with great physical activities, be it in the office, community, or at home, doing chores and intimate moments with your partner. Your ability to concentrate on what you are doing increases after you smoke this strain. Just be mindful not to overdose or that concentration will turn into a hellish knockdown.

This bomb, though detonated millions of times since its creation, will never stop to amaze the greater public, especially those who will use it for the very first time. Happy detonating!

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