The Advanced Growing Techniques for Increasing Cannabis Yield

Did you know that there are growing techniques for increasing cannabis yield? Numbers of highly-experienced growers are using different methods in order to shape their plants and significantly increase their yields These techniques may seem difficult at first glance, but once you understand the concept behind it, everything becomes easy. 

If you’re one of those novice growers who wanted to take their marijuana cultivation a notch higher, then this article is written just for you. It’s our aim to give you useful tips and information on how you can achieve bigger and more successful yields. These techniques also can make your cultivation more efficient. 

By pursuing these techniques, your skills and knowledge in cannabis cultivation will dramatically improve over time. No more getting frustrated after putting up months of hard work and getting low yield. 

Check out these commonly used advanced growing techniques for increasing cannabis yield:

Learn More About Genes

First and foremost, if you really one to become an expert in cultivating cannabis, then you need to do your studies and research first. Make sure that you know how important the genetic makeup of the plant is. Keep in mind that the volume of your yields also depends on what cannabis genes you are using. And fortunately, there are many trustworthy cannabis seeds online shops today that sell the high-quality seeds that are coming from plants that have outstanding genetic makeup. 

Before you start growing your plants, you need to be 100% sure first that the seeds that you are about to plant is capable of producing a high profit-yielding harvest. Bear in mind that not all seeds are the same and not all of them can help you achieve the best results. Moreover, take the time to check the reputation and the background history of the cannabis dispensary before you purchase anything from them. 

Pruning is King

You might have heard of pruning before, but don’t you know it’s one of the best technique you can do to your plant in order to achieve great yields? This process is done by selectively trimming your cannabis plants in order for them to produce maximum fruit and flowers. The reason behind this is to ensure that even the smallest amount of plants is able to obtain the maximum yield. 

You can find many professionals and highly experienced cannabis grower who are pruning their plants to ensure optimum results in a limited grow room or space. Furthermore, pruning your plants do not only produce more fruits and flowers but they also help in producing heavier, bigger, and denser buds. With pruning there is no wasted energy on growing as many buds and leaves – this leaves the remaining ones (untrimmed) free to thrive. 

Topping Means Denser Plants

Aside from pruning your plants, you also want to make sure that you top them. This helps make your plans grow denser and bushier. This is done by cutting a portion of the main shoot and then removing the important growth center of the plant. As a result, growth patterns change. It is the main shoot that will facilitate communication with the leaves and helps the shaded branches to grow outward. If your aim is to have bigger buds, then you need to ensure that there is no energy wasted. 

Be sure that you remove the central stem’s main shoot when topping. What this does is that it encourages to grow your plants into bushier appearance and structure instead of looking like a Christmas tree. Topping your plants will make it appear like an inverted pyramid. Just a cocktail glass with a whole bunch of dense buds on top!

And while it’s true that topping is a bit risky since it stresses marijuana plants, eventually, it will also help extend its vegetative growing cycle. This extra time leads to more room for growing colas. 

The Art of Trellising

Another advanced technique that you can apply as a marijuana grower is trellising. We all know that some of our plants struggle to grow and some of them doesn’t have enough strength to support itself. Now, your plants are able to grow healthier and advance to a more developed stage if you place a structure bearing their weight. 

For you to do this, you need to build a structure and guide the growth of your plants. This technique is very easy to do and all you need is a wood or metal. Use a strong material that can easily be arranged in a mesh. Then make sure that you keep your plants separated regardless of your grow setup – be it horizontal or vertical. 

Increase the Container Size

Increasing the container size is an obvious way to increase cannabis yield. By scaling up your production, you’ll be able to grow and harvest more buds. You have to be careful though and make sure that you don’t plant more than you’re capable of handling. Scaling up your equipment is a proven technique that can increase yield. But how is it done?

For example, growing your plants in a 10-liter container of soil can give you good yields. However, if you move it to a 20-liter container, you can expect to have even more yield. The more you add space for your plant to grow, the bigger your yield is to be expected. You have to consider your budget though since purchasing larger containers can be quite expensive. 

Increase the Light Intensity

When growing a marijuana plant indoor, you have to consider your budget first. Your lighting setup depends on your budget or how much you are willing to invest. Your goal is to be able to set up a lighting system that provides maximum light directly and evenly distributed to your marijuana garden. 

When setting up the light, it’s important that you check the ideal distance where you can help your cannabis plants from your chosen light. Stepping up the intensity of your light source can be very expensive for some people, however, it can significantly boost the photosynthetic process further. 

Timing is Everything During Harvest

And finally, one of the most commonly applied techniques by the expert in order to increase yield is to time their harvest. As your cannabis plants begin its flowering stage, you will then notice that its aroma is starting to smell pungent and strong. You might be tempted to harvest this, but if you’re patient enough to cultivate marijuana, then you need to control yourself and wait a little longer. 

When harvesting your crops, you have to make sure that you don’t do it in a rush. Harvesting your plants too soon can result in lower yield. It’s advisable that you give it 2 to 3 window before you start harvesting it. Hold on for a bit longer (a week or two) and you’ll be amazed that the size of your buds can grow up to 25%. 

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