Terminology and Concepts Explained: List of Funny Marijuana Terms

As the accessibility and popularity of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes keep on growing, the amount of understanding of any cannabis user should also improve. Why so? It is quite easy to be drowned with all the new technologies and terms in this field. Even the chemistry and all scientific aspects of cannabis can also seem really perplexing. 

In fact, this could be a reason why new users hesitate, thinking that they lack the needed knowledge to par with other experienced users. For this reason, let us take a look at some of the terminologies and concepts in the marijuana world. Note that some of them are quite funny too!

  • Yerba

If you want to speak weed without being too obvious, why not go for the Spanish term of the word? Well, not really. While weed is called grass, marijuana, and hierba in Spanish, some call it Yerba, which is a slang of the term. When pronounced by hippies, the word hierba is slurred, thus resulting in yerba. 

  • Wrecked

Cars are not the only ones that are wrecked. In the marijuana world, a person can be ‘wrecked’, when he or she becomes extremely high. This describes a person who is already unable to move. That person may appear glued the couch, locked-up, extremely messed up, even hysterically giggling for no reason at all. 

  • Wacky Tabacky

Now, this is a funny one. While you may immediately associate the term with tobacco, given the ‘tabacky’ in its name, Wacky Tabacky is actually one of the several euphemisms used for cannabis. Others also include weed and ganja. It’s wacky, given its cool effects.

  • Toke Up

The act of ‘toking up’, or be ‘toked up’, is just another way of saying that you are smoking pot, especially when you are doing so with your friends. This term is also used as an excused for not being able to do something. 

If you are familiar with college students smoking pot in their dorm rooms, then you must have heard about a ‘sploof’ already. It refers to a hand-made device that can mask the overall smell of pot smoke. It is also constructed using plastic water bottles, equipped with holes that are stabbed right through the bottom. A sploof is also generally filled with dryer sheets. The concept behind a sploof is that you can blow through the dryer sheets, and the smoke exits the other side, smelling more like fresh laundry than marijuana. Sadly, however, they usually do not really work well.

  • Spliff

This refers to the mixing of marijuana and tobacco rolled together in a cigar. Most stoners do not like tobacco or spliffs in any form. As such, it is often considered as good etiquette to inform any receiver to mention that a joint has tobacco inside even before it is passed on. Others also refer to the term spliff to point to any kind of joint, causing more confusion among users. 

  • Shotgunning

This term refers to the act of taking a smoke of marijuana from a pipe, joint, or other apparatus for smoking, blowing it directly into the mouth of another person. The idea is that they will also inhale the very same smoke that you also inhaled. While others find this act weird, some find it quite interestingly kinky. Others, being too stoned, do not even bother. This term is also used in beer-drinking, though it should not be confused because they are two different things. 

  • Schwag

While it may sound cool, this term actually refers to extremely low-quality weed. They are the ones that are usually grown in wild locations, or even poorly-maintained while growing. Sometimes, they are not even cannabis but another type of some dried plant materials that someone may think off as marijuana. Schwags are not really an option to smoke. 

  • Purps

This slang refers to strains that feature a hue of purple. Cannabis with purple color usually means high-quality because most of the powerful strains in the marijuana world, including Purple Kush, Purple Urkle, and Granddaddy Purple, are purple in color. 

  • Pakalolo

Sounds Hawaiian, isn’t it? Indeed, Pakalolo is another term used to refer to cannabis but usually used in Hawaii. You will likely hear most of it being mentioned on tourist beaches, as well as other stoner crowds who have adapted the term because of its highly distinct linguistic composition. 


Just like other forms of literary works, puns, or even humorous terms, usually, leave an impression on any person. This is also the same in the marijuana world. Other terms, including the ones mentioned above, are just slang, while others are cool descriptions of some concepts and words. Knowing about these terminologies and concepts will help you become more acquainted with the world you are trying to enter.

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