Sweet Tooth


Genetics80% Indica 20% Sativa
ClimateTemperate and Cool
Height50 – 100 cm
Flowering Time60-70 days
Effectlong lasting, pleasantly relaxing high
THC Levelover 22%


Sweet Tooth is a Grade A+ strain.  Because it is has sugary long trichomes which has the capability to produce sugar crystals, the name sweet tooth was given to this plant. This plant is a tough one being able to defend itself against pets; however is susceptible to mold especially if planted outdoors or perhaps raised in moist indoor environments. Its nugget and dense buds can often appear edible, and smells sweet as much as it tastes sweet to the palate.

Overall Appearance, Effects and Growth

This cannabis strain comes with bright and beautiful green buds. The petals have a hint of purple with some orange pistils. What makes this strain stand out is its sweet and amazing taste. It is a wonderful hyrbrid of indica and sativa that can keep you awake. It also gives the effect of a body high that can alleviate pain while allowing your mind to easily wander off. This may not be recommended for users who are planning to do a lot of chores in a day, but it is perfect for those who need good sleep and calmness. This strain is also very easy to grow, as it flowers around 60-70 days. Its height finishes off at 50-100 cm per plant, depending on the condition and the growing region.

Medical Benefits

With its THC level of over 22%, the strain Sweet tooth is a good medication as pain relief. It’s most evident effect is immediate laziness. Thus, if you feel pain, or perhaps need relaxation from undergoing stress due to a disease, this strain is an amazing solution. Aside from its highly favored smell and taste, the kick is also extraordinary.  If smoked moderately, you can expect long drives. This will definitely be perfect if you are chilling out with your friends or you have nothing to do. Time to grab your favorite chips, pretzels, sandwiches, beers and a good movie. After smoking Sweet Tooth, you can expect to just lie in your couch for a while.

Therefore, if you are planning a lazy weekend where you just simply want to relax and think of nothing else, the strain Sweet Tooth is your perfect weekend companion. The high that it will give you is definitely long lasting and pleasant.