super skunk strain

Super Skunk strain is a fast-flowering version of the famous Super skunk. This strain has a very noticeable tasty, and sometimes smelled like a dead rat. Growers and cultivators do all things just to get rid of the bad smell as it can affect the other plants. This strain is perfect on reducing stress, anxiety and can also ease pain, and a relaxing strain. 

The effect of this strain begins with a very powerful psychological buzz that can make the user stay on the couch. A very highly recommended strain for people who wants to chill, with just a few sip of this smoke can quickly make you feel relaxed. This potent effect greatly combined with its medical benefits as a pain reliever and muscle relaxant. 

Super Skunk strain is one of the easiest strain to grow that produces very great high yields that can make the growers satisfied. This version makes it more ever better since the cultivator and growers don’t need to worry about changing its light cycle

Know More About The Super Skunk

Super Skunk strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with very potent body effects. Its parent strain is legendary and very reliable. This strain gives a cerebral rush and a claiming body. Which contains notes of candied and sweet taste, with the hint of skunk and earth. This strain has a moderate THC level that reaches up to 24%. This strain is perfect for the user that is looking for a potent strain that will help them need to focus on their work. 

The Super Skunk got its aroma from its parent’s strain, which is called skunk because of its overwhelming similarities to the woodland creature which is black and white. Some people say that the smell is like fungus underside of a rock or a cheese. People narrate the smoke taste sweet and clean.

This strain has a green color, but some people have seen undertones of brown and orange. The buds are thick with small trichomes, outgrowth, the hair, attached to the plant. Some people say that the skunky aroma reminds them of the ammonia while others say it smells like a fruity note of cranberry and pomegranate. This strain has only short to average effect on the user, which only takes for about 90 minutes. 

The heavy indica effect body buzz if great for medical marijuana users, and you can use it in all times of pain relief. It is great to use at night time for you to feel relax, alleviate insomnia, and calm your anxiety. People who are suffering from cramps and headaches can also use this relaxing marijuana strain.

And for the recreational users, the smell of this strain that has skunk is something to be excited about as it makes you on a euphoric zone and spacey state. Consumers with high tolerance levels find something about this strain that they like. 

It has a high THC level content that reaches up to 19% and also high CBD content that reaches up to 2.4%, making it fit for some more serious medical conditions. People who have trouble eating, such as chemotherapy-induced nausea, might love this strain as it can boost the appetite.

The Super Skunk doesn’t change since in the early 1990s when it was first released and has a reputation for being extreme and potent. Super Skunk strain has think buds that are not hard to grow.

When growing this strain indoors the growers can expect a higher than the average yield which is 16 ounces per square meter and has the follower stage between 8 to 9 weeks. It can be ready to harvest in mid-September when it is grown outdoors, which yields of 21 ounces per square meter.

Effects of Smoking Super Skunk Strain

The body buzz, deep that the Super Skunk gives is filled with pleasant thought and relaxations. It may take the indica feature to put the consumer on a full blast high. These strains tend to give a couch-lock effect that us pleasant. It is huge because of the underlying sativa effect produce a clear-mind high. You’ll get a very thick and calm feeling on your body partnered with a unique awareness of the thing around you. And not to mention that smoking this strain will give you skunky smells and flavors. The smell alone can make you a little high.

Super Skunk Strain Features

This strain can produce a skunk scent that can reach all over your growing room. This is surely an enjoyable experience and can give you a little flavor of what is to come. The super skunk strain has a light green color and the buds have a bit brown hairs on them. And the buds have a sticky and large that makes the stems and branches to be strong just to hold up their weight. 

The indica features of the Super Skunk mean that this plant won’t achieve on a gigantic height. So don’t have to worry about the area in your marijuana growing room with these plants. The flowering stage will enter on around 7 to 9 weeks and can produce large yields. It can give you 21 ounces of yield per 10 square feet. 

Super Skunk Medicinal Benefit

Super Skunk strain is usually used to fight the effect of depression and stress, as an outcome of mental and deep physical relaxation. This strain helps to clear the mind of the users; removing all the harmful and negative thoughts on their minds and replacing them with happy and positive thinking that can make you live positively. The Super Skunk has become well-known because of the effect that doesn’t make give you couch-lock feeling but instead, it motivates you on making doing your daily chores and task.

This strain is very effective for pain relief, because of its deep effect on physical relaxation. Usually used in the day time by the people who find their life confined by chronic pain. The Super Skunk is a perfect strain hybrid combined responsiveness while making them carry on your day normally.

Super Skunk is an effective form of pain relief thanks to its deep sense of physical relaxation. Often used as a day-time strain by people who find their life confined by chronic pain, Super Skunk’s perfect hybrid blend numbs pain while still allowing you to carry on with your day as normal.

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