Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield High
Height up to 3 meters
Flowering Time 65 days
Effect Cerebral
THC Level 12-16% Potent
Growing Easy



DieselThis type of strain, known as the Diesel, is quite a unique type of strain that sets itself apart from the rest of the common cannabis plants. Despite its name, one should know that it has a very outstanding flavor. It is quite fruity and at the same time it possesses a very fresh taste. It is very much less harsh in terms of aroma as compared also to other forms of sativa dominated plants. One should know that there is also a subtle and slight hint of hashish that is particularly presses ever so freshly.

The Diesel is actually a mix of Sativa and Indica – although the most dominant feature of which is the Sativa. And since this is the case, one would likely to enjoy the short amount of time that is being required during its vegetative state. Thus, this means that one should not have to wait any longer before this strain Diesel will soon proceed to its flowering stage. Now, this would however entirely depend on the nutrient requisite that you have provided for this strain Diesel. If this particular strain would lack nutrients in terms of sunlight or water, then one would only have to expect lower yield in return.

When the strain Diesel is being smoked, one would only have to expect what every smoker would expect when smoking a Sativa dominant cannabis strain. Based on the cannabinoid profile of this strain Diesel, once this is smoked, such individual would instantly feel a sense of euphoria. Moreover, he would also feel a very uplifting and energizing feeling that is very much unique to a sativa plant.

However, since there is also a slight hint of Indica in this strain, one would also expect that great feeling of relaxation. This should be your best company when you just want to have a relaxing night.

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The Diesel should be your best choice for growing as this strain ensures nothing but 100% in terms of its height expectancy. Moreover, such strain will easily flower in no more than 10 weeks. Thus, one would be able to enjoy the fruits of the Diesel in no amount of hassle time. In addition, one should also know that once this will be grown, it will have that distinct feature of a compact quality especially during its final days of flowering time. This is due to its Indica influence as well.

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