Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 200-500 g/m2
Height 10-250 cm
Flowering Time 50-70 days
Effect Strong
THC Level 15-20% Potent
Growing Easy to Moderate



CrystalThis type of strain, known as the Crystal is considered to be one of the most sought after cannabis ever particularly due to the fact that it is very sweet and sugary. It is of this reason why a lot of users practically salivate the very moment they hear the name, Crystal. It has that intensely sweet aroma with a slight smell of kerosene. Once consumed or eaten, the Crystal is known to have that satisfying feeling and it would definitely go in smoothly the very moment it would pass down your throat.

One should know that the Crystal is actually the result of a cross breeding made from the two finest marijuana strains, the White Widow and the Northern Lights. These 2 strains are one of the best cannabis ever and the result of such breeding spawned forth the winner of the Best Seed Strain award during the Highlife Cup in 2002. This is where Crystal got its great qualities and features.

One can easily expect a faster yield rate for Crystal as this is very much quick to grow. Moreover, one would also be able to enjoy a very intense yield in terms of its buds.

For those who are wondering why it is being termed as Crystal, it is basically due to its buds that are quite thick and well formed. Because of it, it produces a crystal like frost, thus its name Crystal. The main reason behind it is because of its high THC content as it has a very dense bush in its medium height.

Once taken, one would surely feel the rushed kick. There may be a slight delay as to the effect that it will provide for the body but that is expected because of the crystal accumulation in the plant. This is great when smoked with friends and enjoy a pleasurable experience.

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The Crystal is considered one of the top quality cannabis ever. In fact, it is also known to treat various conditions such as epilepsy and other related medical disorder. This is great for growers who are planning to grow this in an outdoor environment. If one should do this, it is recommended that this should be grown in the summers especially when the sun is hot. If one intends to grow this indoors, its sparkling effect through crystal like substance is a great ornament to your garden.

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