Genetics Indica/Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 600 g/m2
Height short to medium
Flowering Time 60-75 days
Effect Cerebral yet clean
THC Level High
Growing Easy



CheeseThis strain known as the Cheese is considered to have the highest THC content as compared to the rest of the cannabis strains. The usual THC content of most marijuana plant would range from 15% to 18%. However, the Cheese is known to have 20% THC content or more. If one would be keen in observing the buds of the Cheese, its trichrome crystals are evident as it covers the buds. One should know however that the buds do resemble a very compact appearance. Its color would vary from red to yellow.

For those who have tried to use this particular strain, one would definitely know how the Cheese is widely being used for medicinal purposes. Usually, this strain Cheese is being used to treat various medical conditions such as stress and even anxiety. It also serves as a special remedy which is used to treat patients with glaucoma. If one chooses to smoke Cheese, one should expect that the effect that this strain would provide is not really that long. However, one should know that the effect is truly a very enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Considering the fact that it has most of its genetic lineage from the Indica, the color of this plant would greatly vary into various shades of green. Moreover, Indica is also known for its unique features in leaves and buds and that the Cheese is clearly evident of this feature. It has slim leaves and it also has a large bud. With this, every grower must be cautious as its odor may be very noticeable and is considered to be very strong.

The Cheese can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, if one chooses an indoor growing, the hydroponics is the most preferred way of growing the Cheese.

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When the cheese is grown indoors, one can expect an earlier flowering stage. But despite the fact whether it would be grown both indoors or outdoors, one would still have to expect the same amount of yield given the fact that proper care and monitoring is dedicated for this strain. This is quite a natural choice for most growers since it is very much easy to cultivate. Moreover, for those who are also new to the idea of growing Cheese, one doesn’t have to exert more effort for this strain. It has great and vast foliage. This renders the Cheese a very likely and a more recommendable strain for Sea of Green growing.

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