Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors
Yield 400 -500 g/m2
Height 40 – 60 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Stoned
THC Level 12 – 15%
Growing Easy



BubblegumThe main structure of the Bubblegum is composed of 2 types. This is the pole plant. The pole plant has a natural shape of the evergreen and has more branching than the usual cannabis particularly from its main stem. The second is the structure. This is where the pole plant has also a main branch with some side branching on a minimal level.

One should know that those plants that do have less or minimal branches are being forced to achieve an early flowering stage. It is also of this reason why they are being clipped as that their height will be manipulated and controlled.

On the other hand, the said Bubblegum plant having structures that show great branching is being left with no other choice but to let them reach their full maturity. This is the part in which this particular strain would enjoy higher yields than the usual.

The Bubblegum also has its medicinal functions as well. Some of the medical conditions that the Bubblegum strain can provide relief are stress, pain and even anxiety. A lot of patients find this to be very important for treatment especially for those people who are suffering from insomnia. People who lack appetite to eat find this strain to be very effective as well.

When smoked, this strain provides that particular buzz that allows one to feel an intense feeling of euphoria. When the buzz would kick in, the individual would feel very relaxed and happy. The great thing about it is that such strain does not leave the individual to feel very draining or tired. The only disadvantage that most users would have on this strain is that they would be having dry mouth and eyes.

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This strain, Bubblegum, is one of the most favorite strain by most growers. The reason for this is because this is very much easy to grow considering the fact that the mode of growing for this strain is through an indoor environment. Given this scenario, one should only ensure that a sufficient amount of light and ventilation must be provided for this particular strain. Not only that, it should also be well monitored and attended. Moreover, proper soil moisture must also be maintained and that one should avoid excessive drowning of the plant with water. When these are being followed, it would only be a matter of time before one can finally enjoy the yields of the Bubblegum.

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