Blue Widow


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 600 – 700 g/m2
Height 200 – 300 cm
Flowering Time 50 – 55 days
Effect Euphoric, happy high, relaxing
THC Level 15%
Growing Easy


Blue WidowThis is a nice hybrid of the Blueberry and the White Widow breed, and was made for the sake of an excellent and world class flavor, scent and vibrant colors as well. This is one of the finest breed of weed that’s ever grown because of the perfect mixture of the two plant’s flavor. This plant is also known to have a different color once that you plant it outside at low temperatures as well. This plant is also known for its different medical purposes, and is recommended by a lot of smokers and growers! This one must become an award winning strain!

Growth, Smell and Taste

The buds of the plant are known to be very colorful because it is well adorned with shades of blue and purple. There are also some of this variant that has orange hairs as well. This is one of the tallest indicas ever grown, and expect that it also has more yields than the other variants of the ‘blues’ as well. This is a great weed to keep indoors as well because of its fragrance which will envelop the surroundings once that flowering period arrives.

This plant is known to have a blueberry and a mixture of flavorful fruits for its scent together with a pungent aroma that made it distinctive among the ‘blue’ variants. The Blue Widow has a taste that’s really sweet and lovely because of its fruity flavor with a dominating blueberry taste which many smokers will surely love – especially females which really love sweet tasting stuff. The effect of this plant is also worth it to try out.


The effects of the plant is known to provide a happy and euphoric high that is perfect for those who want to feel relaxed if they want to take a nap or go to sleep, or whenever they feel like spacing out for a while. This is perfect during days off and other times where you feel bored, and it is also a great type of weed for those who want to fall asleep in an easy way without any side effects. This is also great for those who experience body pain, stress, migraine, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, and anxiety.

So if you want something that’s really sweet, and has medical prowess that can make you less grumpier than before, be sure to purchase, grow and try out Blue Widow seeds. These are sold on most online weed stores, and expect numerous amounts of this one as well! Purchase one now!

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