Blue Berry


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield High
Height Medium to high
Flowering Time 45-55cm
Effect euphoric high
THC Level 19.5%
Growing Easy to moderate


Blue BerryBlue Berry is a marijuana strain that is 80% indica. Tracing back its history, you can go back in the year 1970. It cannot be argued that this strain has become one of the most preferred types of cannabis strain in the market. You will see how it has become part of the list of the smokers. This name was given to it because of the blue color that it has and the taste resembles that of real blueberries. So, it won’t be surprising if it will be named that way. Its characteristics will speak for it.


This strain is characterized by orange hairs that surrounds around their buds with the color light to dark green within the orange hairs. This strain is very much remembered with its color: purple and blue. This strain is good to smoke with especially when you want to finish a certain task. It will help you arrive to that goal. Since it is not so strong, you can still handle the effect thus making it more favorable to be smoked during day time. Instead of putting you to sleep this will bring you to a very energetic state where you will not feel like you want to do something more. During the measurement made for it in the laboratory, it was found out that its THC level is about 19.5% which is already considered strong but not very strong as compared to other strains.

Effects and cultivation

The majority of the effects that it can give are more on the euphoric side. When you plan to grow this strain, you have to be sure that you know what you need to do for it. Remember that this strain can change its color when the climate starts to drop. However, at the flowering stage you will notice that it will grow to around 45-55cnm especially when it is nearing the time for harvest. The smell of this strain is fruity and at the same time will contribute to the good performance that this strain has which in turn will give you a long-lasting euphoric high that takes some time to wear off.

This strain is a very good strain to smoke. Feel the added sensation of euphoric high. Feel how it can bring you to heaven. Find a good site to shop and purchase some seeds now for your own use. You will never feel any regrets when you have it on your garden.

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