Alaskan Thunder


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 450g/m2
Height 150cm
Flowering Time 56 days
Effect Stoned- Indica body buzz
THC Level 21.49%
Growing Easy


Alaskan ThunderThe Alaskan Thunder is regarded as a high potency strain of cannabis which was originally bred in the Matanuska Valley which is in the region of Alaska. The strain is Indica dominant which can produce a stoned and body buzz effect. This particular strain is considered as Grade A and is regarded as one of the best cannabis strains in the world.

Effects, appearance and growth

The Alaskan Thunder is considered as one of the most sought after strains because of its powerful effect which can be felt instantly. In fact, this particular cannabis strain is well known for its medicinal qualities and is also a good source for relaxation. The general feeling that users may experience when using the Alaskan Thunder is physical relaxation but there have been some cases wherein users can feel a bit drained through the end.

The Alaskan Thunder plant can grow up to 150 cm and can produce a moderate up to high yield. The plant has a pungent aroma with a combination of pine, citrus and also nice smelling perfume. The overall scent of the Alaskan Thunder can be very pleasing because of the combination. The taste of this particular cannabis strain can be described as lightly sweet with a hint of creamy quality. The taste can be very cooling on the throat and can be more intense on larger hits.

The Alaskan Thunder is a great strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The plant can grow up to 3 feet when cultivated indoors and can produce a good amount of yield. The Alaskan Thunder can grow up to 5 feet and can produce a higher amount of yields when grown outdoors. Although the strain can be properly grown on both indoors and outdoors, it is still best to cultivate the Alaskan Thunder outdoors. The pH content of the natural soil outdoors can help the plants grow healthy and produce a great yield. It is very important to provide ample space for the plant so it can properly grow.

Medical Marijuana

Because of the powerful effects of the Alaskan Thunder, this strain is highly recommended for patients who have medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, nausea, migraine, pain and other stress related conditions. The Alaskan Thunder is great medical marijuana and is considered as one of the major breakthroughs for medical cannabis.

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