Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 350-450g/m2
Height 35-50cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Stoned Indica body buzz
THC Level 10-15%
Growing Easy


AfghanThe Afghan cannabis strain is considered as one of the easiest plants to grow which requires sparse maintenance. This particular strain is derived from a more traditional background which has resulted to easy growing and maintenance. One of the best qualities of the Afghan strain is that the grower does not have to devote ample time and energy to take care of the plants. Inspite of this easy growing technique, the Afghan strain can still produce a reasonably good amount of yield which makes it a great strain for breeders.

Effects, appearance and growth

The active THC ingredient of the Afghan strain can be very potent and strong. It can produce a body lock and buzz combination effect which some users may find too powerful. The leaves of the Afghan plant can be described as airy and leafy and its buds are a bit dark and have reasonable amounts of resin all over. The smell from the Afghan plant can be very strong and pungent and there are several variations which can smell a bit skunky. The taste of the Afghan plant is quite similar with the taste of hash because of it came from the pure Afghan species. The taste of the Afghan strain can be described as very strong because of its very dominant smell or aroma. However, the taste can quickly become smooth especially when it is exhaled.

Medical Marijuana

Since the Afghan strain is quite similar to other cannabis strain, this strain has plenty of medicinal qualities that can be used to treat patients who are experiencing muscle and as well as nerve pain. Patients can actually feel its calming and relaxing effect even in just minimal doses which makes the Afghan strain highly recommended for people who want to relax. The Afghan strain can also help patients release tension and can also be used for patients who suffer from anorexia since the strain can induce a healthy appetite.

Since this particular strain is very easy to grow, the Afghan strain is highly recommended for people who want to grow their own cannabis even without the proper skills and growing equipments. The strain is often regarded as similar to a wild plant since it can grow even without proper supervision and maintenance. This strain should be the number 1 choice for beginners since they can surely expect a good amount of yield with high quality buds.

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