star killer strain

It is one of the well-known hard-hitting indica-dominant strain in the cannabis industry. Consumers are not really familiar with its parent the Rare Darkness #2, in some ways the mysterious origin of this strain also hype the Star Killer Strain. Because of its potency and quality, this strain won many awards.

This strain is loved by a lot of consumers because of its strong-hitting effects and medical benefits. Cultivating this is quite difficult; although this feminized version makes it a bit easy for the beginners and expert growers to grow this strain. It is recommended to have this marijuana cultivate outdoors where it can flourish and bloom. 

The earthy citrus smell of this plant produces a push of flavor that consumers love the most. This indica-dominant strain has a strong-hitting effect with its high THC content which is 29%. New smokers are warned to use this strain seriously as this strain can give an adverse effect on the user. The best amazing effect of this strain is its magnificent relaxation that begins mildly and can intensify as you go. The anti-inflammatory qualities of this strain can also help with long-term pain. Other therapeutical benefits include relief from depression and stress. 

Consuming a high THC content level ranging from 26% to 29%, this stain is not something to mess around with. This indica-dominant strain has the ability to slow us down and stop our hyperactivity. In other cases, it can shut us down for the whole day. As dangerous as it sounds, that is the usual effect of this strain can give to the consumers, also it can give them an ultimate relaxation. 

Flowering Time Star Killer Strain

  • Indoors

The star killer strain can produce high yields which are around 12 to 16 ounces per square meter when grown in an indoor environment. And it has a long flowering time that the normal seeds as this strain just need 9 to 10 weeks to achieve its maturity level.

  • Outdoors

This strain can be ready to harvest by the end of October. Because of being a mysterious strain, this strain can produce yields around 16 inches per plant.

Effects of Star Killer Strain

This strain is unlike the other strains. Its effect is really different even when compared to other strain that has a 70% indica. In some way, it can be similar to others with its uplifting effect and euphoric effect, but that’s the only thing that can be similar to others. Instead of some euphoric high escalating to induce euphoria, consumers of this strain feel misty as the result of its heavy high effects.

As the buzzing psychological head high kick into the body of the consumers, the consumers finally give in to the numbing physical high it gives. It is assumed that whoever uses this strain will be couch-lock due to its high sedative effects. Because of that, it is not usual for the consumer to fall into a deep sleep when using this strain. 

The fragrance of Start Killer Strain

Star Killer has a strong aroma of lemon and pine, in the case of marijuana, the scent of pine may not be really extraordinary, but with the mix make it a very pleasant smell. 


While the aroma of this strain seems to be straightforward, the start killer flavor is just another story. It has a strong and skunky flavor that can make other consumers raise their eyebrows, it has a very unique taste of pine and lemon together with the earthy taste it produces a very unusual taste. Most of the consumers find its flavor very pleasant and its spicy hint that gives the smokes makes it smoother. 

Adverse Reaction

The immobilizing effect of the star killer worked very well for those who want to consume a strain at the end of the day. Because of its magnificent high potency, it also happens with a lot of pronounced negative effects. Most of the consumers of this strain have experienced dry eyes and mouth. In most cases, it is considered normal when using a cannabis strain. 

This is a tough strain to handle at the same time. However, a lot of people than a few people will feel paranoid. Some consumers are likely to feel a raised level of feeling anxious. Although the star killer strain is not good for new marijuana smokers who’s better off using other marijuana strains. Also for people who are conditions to anxiety or paranoia might want to avoid using this strain.


For recreational use, consuming of Star Killer is only for one reason. At the end of a long day and especially in nigh time, this marijuana strain can help the consumers have a good sleep and feel relax. It is surely not a perfect strain to consume if the purpose of the consumer is to want to be active, have a clear head, and have a better ability to focus. 

As it is stated above, this strain has a sedative featured that could put the consumer into couch-locked. It is one top reason why this strain is perfect for medical marijuana users.  Its freezing effects are very helpful in dealing with inflammation, also great for reducing pain. The intense high it gives takes away the pain and the sedative effect makes the consumers have a peaceful sleep.

In using this strain people who are suffering in some metal issues can reduce stress and anxiety, and can manage the depression easier. Also, the consumer should take note that this strain can also increase the anxiety level than reducing it. 


This Star Killer Strain is well-known for its distinctive aroma and flavor but has the trickiest effect on the users when it comes to relaxing yet extremely high effects. it is a serious hard-hitting strain that can sedate even expert users. Cultivators can have a good time cultivating their own crops using the seeds from the Crop King Seeds. It is a very high yielding strain that is difficult to cultivate and not recommended for the new cannabis growers.