Smoking Marijuana Sativa at Night: Is it a Good Idea?

There are three classifications of cannabis: marijuana sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Cannabis sativa is known as the stimulating strain which may be grown from marijuana sativa seeds for sale from online seed banks and local companies. Indica strains, on the other hand, are plants that are quite the opposite. Indicas can cause a relaxing effect which can help induce relaxation and sleep. Meanwhile, cannabis ruderalis strains are used mainly for breeding and growing autoflowering strains. 

Considering the effects of sativas and indica strains, can you smoke sativa strains at night? 

A short answer 

The answer is yes, you can smoke cannabis sativa at night IF you don’t plan on sleeping!

Cannabis sativa strains have a stimulating effect owing to its low cannabinoid content. Sativa strains can stimulate your senses, keep you awake and energetic. You will also experience appetite stimulation as a result of this effect. 

If you have heard of the munchies then these are possibly the result of taking cannabis sativa strains. This unusual craving will make you want to eat everything and thus will put an end to poor appetite in people suffering from illness and those with anorexia and other eating conditions. 

Other effects of cannabis sativa strains

Aside from stimulating appetite and energizing you, cannabis sativa also has a natural mood elevating effect which can relieve symptoms of depression. People who feel depressed and use antidepressants can use sativa strains on their symptoms. 

Sativas have potent analgesic effects. People who suffer from pain especially migraines, muscle pains; muscle strain and chronic pain may experience relief. 

The higher level of THC in sativa strains is also the reason why these strains can cause an energetic cerebral high. 

What happens when you smoke sativa in the evening?

When you smoke sativa in the evening, you’ll be energetic the entire night. Even if you try to sleep, you won’t be able to because the overpowering energetic effect of sativa will remain until the effects wear off. Of course, the time it will take before the effects of a strain wear off depends on many factors. First of all, if you are taking a very potent sativa strain like Ghost Train Haze, it would take all night before you can get over the high. Next, if you took a large dose, more than the usual dosage prescribed or recommended to you, it would again take a long time for the effects of the strain to wear off.

Another thing, if you are new to using sativas then you may experience a very strong high. Seasoned and experienced users won’t have any problem dealing with a strong high. They may even take a higher dose just to achieve a stronger effect. 

Finally, taking sativa edibles may increase your high. Smoking and vaping strains will allow these to take effect faster. However, the effects won’t last long. An edible has to pass through the stomach and the cannabinoids broken down in the intestine before these could be transported by the blood to the different cannabinoid receptors. This action can take up to an hour or more depending on the strain. Usually, first-time sativa edible consumers make a mistake and dose up again because they think the first dose was not enough. This ends up in an unpleasant high which may take a long time to recover from.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the effects of sativa or the effect of any kind of strain, smoke it or vape it. If you prefer a strong and prolonged high then you should take it in edible form.

But what about cannabis sativa oils? You are likely to find cannabis sativa oils sold in dispensaries. This oil is very potent and requires caution when taken. It can be used in a number of ways. First, you can take a drop of oil and place it under the tongue. There are so many minute blood vessels under the tongue and thus placing a medication under the tongue or sublingually will allow you to absorb it faster.

You may also add oils and tinctures to food or to make cannabis edibles. Just make sure to add a small amount of fat like coconut oil to the tincture because THC must bind with fat to take effect. 

What is the best strain to take at night?

Having trouble sleeping or you wake up in the middle of the night without any reason at all? Cannabis indica is the ideal strain to treat insomnia and sleeplessness. The high amount of cannabinoid compounds will help relax you and soon will make you want to sleep. 

People who are stressed, anxious and disturbed can count on the naturally relaxing effects of indica strains. Take it an hour or so before sleeping and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. You will be sleeping soundly and continuously. You will wake up refreshed but some may report dizziness after taking this strain.

Therefore, you must always take indica strains in moderation. Like their sativa counterparts, the effects may be pronounced if you are new to taking this strain. You may also experience enhanced effects and side effects. 

What are the most potent sativa strains in the market today?

The following are 5 of the best sativa strains that you should never take during the evenings.


  • Power Flower


This is a pure sativa that grows easy and will harvest up to 650 grams per square. Power Flower grows taller and larger and therefore it’s best to grow this outdoors. Power Flower is from the warm and sunny gardens of California and Italy. It has a smooth cerebral high with an energetic effect.  

  • Haze Berry

Take a Blueberry with a Haze and you’ll get a Haze Berry. This is a classic medicinal strain with a distinct blueberry flavor and has a potent analgesic effect to help you deal with all kinds of pain. You can reduce headaches, muscle pains, migraines and chronic pain using this strong sativa. Growing Haze Berry can give you yields up to 650 grams per plant and will stretch up to 100 cm.   

  • Shining Silver Haze

Shining Silver Haze is a popular pure sativa strain. The strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and will still give you 450 grams yield per square meters. It can stretch high from 80 to 120 cm. As much as possible grow this outdoors so your plants can take advantage of the open space and the natural outdoor growing environment. The taste and effects of Shining Silver Haze are potent cerebral high which can make you lose touch of reality. 

  • Royal Madre

Royal Madre was made by combining a Jack the Ripper and a Queen Madre creating a balance of CBD and THC levels. This sativa grows fast and flowers quickly in just 8 weeks. It will give you good yields at 400 to 500 grams per plant and when it comes to its effects, expect a relaxing and full-bodied effect.

  • Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a high-yielding strain but will take time to flower from 10 to 11 weeks. Amnesia Haze gives you a fruitful harvest of 650 to 700 grams per plant as long it is grown in a favorable climate. 

Amnesia Haze is extremely high and potent and the effects will last for a long time, leading extreme relaxation. If you want to complete tasks and indulge in various projects then Amnesia Haze is the best strain for you. This strain comes with 22% THC with moderate CBD, therefore, you can get relief from stress, anxiety, and pain with a satisfying high.

Where to buy the best marijuana sativa seeds for sale?

You can buy the best seeds from online shops or from local seed banks.  When you buy from local seed banks make sure that the seed bank is legit and has a good reputation. Buy only from seed banks that can provide you quality seeds with a good guarantee on their seeds. 

If you are located away from a local seed bank, you may buy seeds online. Online seed banks are from all over the world. You must find a legit seed bank to order seeds from and not just order seeds from any other seed bank in your area. 

Consider reviews, recommendations from people who have ordered seeds online before so you can buy sativa cannabis seeds in confidence. Marijuana seeds should be delivered stealthily to your location so you can guarantee the safety of your seeds. 

Regular sativa seeds are some of the most affordable seeds online. You will find feminized sativa and autoflowering sativa seeds which are more expensive but nonetheless easier to grow. If you are a beginner, we recommend growing autoflowering and feminized seeds rather than regular seeds. 

Feminized seeds are all female seeds, therefore, there’s no need to grow unwanted male plants. Autoflowering seeds will flower fast and will do so without the need to expose your plants to a special kind of lighting. Take your time and find the best kind of strain that’s right for your needs.

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