Slow Marijuana Plant Growth – The Reasons Behind it

Marijuana or cannabis plants can be compared to other living things, they also go through a process of stages as they mature. If you have decided to cultivate your own marijuana plants then it is important to understand the changes in growing this kind of plant between its life cycle, because every growth stage needs different safekeeping. One of the most important matter when growing cannabis plants is to look for quality marijuana seeds. You can purchase seeds through seed banks online, marijuana seeds Michigan provides the best quality seeds you can find.

One of the problems you may encounter when cultivating cannabis plants is the slow cannabis growth. You might think that you have done all the things correctly when you grow cannabis plants, then all of a sudden, you see that it was slowly growing. It usually occurs throughout all stages especially in the early seedling stage or after the expected usual time in the vegetative growth stage.

The story behind a passive marijuana plant growth has a lot of reasons. Listed below are some of the most usual factors for stunted or slowed cannabis growth.

Marijuana seeds Michigan is not Getting Enough Nutrients

Overfeeding the plants but not giving them the proper nutrients they need can slow cannabis growth. Understand that the nutrients will usually last less than a month if you are cultivating with a pre-fertilized potting combination. After this, you should manage your cannabis seed or plant with specific phase nutrients to help their development and vigorous flowering.

Overwatering and not getting enough light

It is a lethal mistake to overwater your cannabis seed or plant because this will only rot the root, provide a lack of nutrients and even infestation. Just water the plants when they need it and do not do it on a schedule. Lift the pot to know if the cannabis plants need water. If it is damp and heavy then it not the time to water the plant yet. If the pot is light and dry then it is time to water them.

Cannabis plants also need light to continue growing, especially if they are in the flowering stage. They need light to help support their vegetative growth, but if you are growing indoor then you better lower the lights reducing the space between the light and the canopy. For outdoors, make sure that the cannabis plants are in the area where they could easily get direct sunlight.

Wrong kind of light and getting too much light

The light extent plays an important role in cannabis growth. If you have chosen the wrong kind of light, then this is one of the reasons for the stunted growth of the plants. Choose reddish or warmer light spectrum when the plant is in the flowering stage. Choose blueish or colder light spectrum for the vegetative phase. Nowadays, many lights are compatible for both flowering and vegetative phase of your cannabis plants, but if you are unsure then better read the description of the light before you purchase.

One way to slow the development of your cannabis plant is that it is also getting too much light. If this is the problem just simply move your plants to a place with a small amount of sunlight when you are growing outside. For indoors, move the plants at a greater distance from your lights to lessen the intensity.

Issues in pH and calcium deficiency

If your marijuana seed or plants are not within the right healthy pH value then it cannot get enough nutrients. Producing marijuana seeds Michigan is also depicting the exact pH level of nutrient solution or water. The correct pH value is around 6.5 to 7, and for hydro the optimal level is around 5.6 to 5.8 pH value.

Calcium deficiency is also another matter to slow the growth of your plants. One of the symptoms, if your marijuana plants are encountering calcium deficiency, is when their leaves are turning to yellow or purple. You can add some dolomitic lime to the soil to keep calcium deficiency away. CalMag products can address this kind of problem also because they contain liquid calcium. Just add these CalMag products to your nutrient solution or manage them as a leaf spray.

In addition, do not use coco because it could add the risk of calcium deficiency, just utilize special coco nutrients instead of your cannabis nutrient regimen.

Too high or low temperatures

Cannabis plants love warm temperatures to grow healthy. 25 degrees to 30 degrees are the best daytime temperatures, lower than this will only slow the plant’s metabolism down, causing in slower growth. The same way, too much heat could lead to slow growth also.

If you are cultivating cannabis plants indoors then ensure the area is well-ventilated and at the comfortable level for the cannabis plants to grow. Using a simple fan can do the work properly to get the room temperature under control.

Make sure that the pot’s size suits for your cannabis plant

When planting cannabis seed you usually start with small pots to control the water because small seedlings are having difficulty absorbing all the moisture present in big pots. Plants that have matured need pots that suit their size, but if it is larger than the right size pots then it may take longer to dry out resulting in overwatering.

Start planting your cannabis seed in a jiffy pot or even in a cup, then if they have over 5 leaves you can transfer them into a bigger one. If the plant has been transferred already to a large pot, ensure that you water a small area around the seedling. There are many usual pots used for marijuana plant growing. Choosing the right cannabis container size is very important because it will greatly impact the prosperity and health of your cannabis plant.

You should be able to discover and solve the possible reasons behind the slowing growth of your cannabis plants. Make sure that you follow the guidelines and you can guarantee that your marijuana plants will grow healthier and stronger.

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