Signs that You’re Buying from Legit Cannabis Seller’s Online

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds? This question has been asked so many times by those cautious cannabis consumers. There is a high risk when purchasing in the unregulated market given that there is a lack of supervision and a lot of pretenses online.

Despite the risks, there are still a lot of people choosing seedbanks to purchase cannabis. As per the Salon site, a study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine concluded that there were indeed millions of online shoppers of cannabis products. After they monitored Google searches relating to marijuana in the U.S. started from 2005 to 2017, the team discovered that the Americans regularly use the words, marijuana, weed, pot and cannabis combined with the terms buy, shop and order.

Some cannabis buyers prefer purchasing from online seed banks instead of dispensaries because they offer better prices. Additionally, cannabis customers select seed banks over physical stores for a convenient experience. Buyers no longer have to bother going out just to drive or travel to a nearby cannabis physical store. However, buyers are more exposed to risks when purchasing cannabis online. To prevent this, it is essential to buy only from legitimate seed banks online.

Continue reading through the article to know the signs that you’re buying from legit cannabis sellers online.

Well-Defined Seed Bank Sites

For starters, there is plenty of vague websites not just for those selling cannabis online. Professional scam artists are best at imitating to look and sound like they are a legitimate one. Good thing there are ways for someone to identify fake sites from the real ones. Those companies that are legally allowed to operate will provide an address on their site that is associated with the business. Fake sites most of the time won’t show this information online since they don’t want people to locate them especially when those individuals find out that they have been scammed.

Secured Website Links

Most people are not aware of this but the most obvious sign of a legit online seed bank is the HTTPS at its URL address. Every data that someone input from computers and mobile devices will go through an encryption process.

This method ensures internet users that whatever information they have given will be almost impossible for those unauthorized people to read it. Also, websites with HTTPS in its web address means that you are accessing a website through a secure private connection. Don’t worry if you fail to notice whether you are accessing a website with HTTPS on its address since there are browsers that warn users if they are visiting a site that does not have a private connection.

To obtain HTTPS for someone’s web address requires applying and buying to get it. But even though a website shows HTTPS on their address link, some fraudsters or hackers can still find a way to create sites that shows like this. You will see the sign if a website is not legit when the order or payment page part of the website will show not secured connection. Always check the HTTPS on the address bar of your browser before you enter any personal and sensitive information on websites.

Online Presence Is At Least More Than a Year

You also have to consider the tenure of a seed bank website. This is another sign that you must know before purchasing with them. It is recommended to trust seed banks that are operating online for more than a year since they are likely to be offering legitimate seeds. Reputable seed banks can only keep their business going if they have a lot of customers. To observe the age of the seed bank you can look at the creation date of the site online. Registered sites will provide or post the creation date of a domain within its website.

Contact Details Are Provided On the Website

Another sign of a legit seed bank is when the contact details are provided. Be always mindful to check a seed bank’s ‘contact us’ page. Take advantage of using the email address and chat support line on the seed bank site to verify that the site is legitimate. Make sure that they provide their policies such as how they would process returns or how they will handle a large number of orders. It is a good sign to receive a legitimate response that looks like it was prepared or wrote by an actual person, the response should not come off as robotic reply.

Provides Secured Payment Options

Valid seed bank sites must include secured mode of payments such as credit cards and e-wallet services. Banks or card companies assist in getting their client’s money back from a fraudulent transaction especially if it involves criminals. Be aware of seed banks that require customers to pay through prepaid cash card, money order, and coin currencies since these options do not protect your orders. However, this doesn’t mean that seed banks with these payment options for customers are illegitimate.

Shows Positive and Neutral Genuine Reviews

Checking out online reviews is also a good technique to verify the seed bank’s legitimate business operations. This also allows you to know if a seed bank has been around for a long time based on reviews. It is a good sign if there are multiple positive reviews with a mix of negative and neutral ones. Not all seed banks that have been in the cannabis industry for a long time can satisfy all of its customers, so they are most likely receive a few bad reviews. If you find several customers that provide details of their experience with a seed bank, you can be certain that the site is a legitimate one.

Provide Valid Claims

A great number of professional cannabis advisors tells that their procedure is the efficient way of growing cannabis. There are entrepreneurs guarantee customers that their growing procedure will elevate your yield. Be careful when trusting bold claims, always make sure to verify. Ask for proof or concrete examples of marijuana product’s or consultant’s achievements in the past. Verify the bank or credit card companies first if the seed bank also provides processing solutions.

Knowledgeable in Cannabis Laws

Online marijuana business owners should know the existing cannabis laws in the United States or wherever state they are operating. Successful seed banks follow the rules and regulations not only to protect themselves but also the buyers who place orders on their website. We all know that the federal government still classifies marijuana as illegal but some states allow marijuana. You should choose or deal only with a business that appreciates the legal risks in the marijuana industry.


The cannabis industry offers a lot of opportunities for many including the creation of new jobs as well as businesses and legal access to medical marijuana, to name a few. No matter how good the services a business claim they provide to customers this is not always certain because in reality there is no perfect system. We cannot avoid those people who only want to take advantage of others, so it’s always best to be knowledgeable especially when buying cannabis seeds online. All cannabis consumers or buyers need to be on the watch out for the important signs that a person or business they are dealing with is not a scam artist.

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