Maui Waui


Genetics Hawaiian Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 400 – 500 (g/m²)
Height High
Flowering Time  55 – 65 days
Effect Full body buzz
THC Level Low
Growing Easy


Maui WauiMaui Waui, or sometimes spelled as Maui Wowie, comes from a Hawaiian Sativa hybrid and is considered as one of the best type of strain when it was first discovered in the 60’s. This strain started as a plant grown outdoors on the island of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands; thus the birth of its name. If it is grown in a warm, tropical location, this strain has the capability to resist pests, as well as mildew and molds.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Most smokers would agree that the Maui Waui strain is an average looking one. It comes with a medium green color, with a slight hint of golden shade on the inside part. It has very small trichomes that you even have to look really closely to spot it well. It also has some brown orange hairs. There are some crystals in the stem of the plant as well. When talking about its smell, it has a pleasant blend of fruity, sweet, and earthy flavor.

Maui Waui also gives a full body buzz, which gives you the feeling of being heavily medicated. It can even come to a point where you can observe that your vision becomes blurry. When taken with the right dosage, it can make one energetic yet non-rushing. After the initial potency kicks in, a user can still feel mentally capable and alert and with a lighter mood.

Medical Benefits

The Maui Waui strain is often prescribed for patients who are undergoing troubles and pains caused by headaches. People who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and loss of focus can also take advantage of the medical benefits of this plant.  It is a good pain reliever, as reported by people who have to go through the pains of having swollen tissues in their body. Smokers who also used to have trouble sleeping due to neuropathic pain report feeling relief after smoking this strain. When used as regular smoke, you may feel very energetic and happy, which can also do a lot in improving your creativity. Also, it can help in restoring appetite back. This is particularly useful for people who have to deal with anorexia, as well as other eating disorders.

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