Genetics Hybrid – Indica/KC 33
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 150g (indoors) / 800g (outdoors)
Flowering Time  9-10 weeks
Effect Strong
THC Level 17 – 20%
Growing Easy, slow start but grows fast once established


MangoThe Mango strain is quite similar to the Jamaican Pearl cannabis strain. According to hearsays, this strain has already existed ever since the late 60’s. Some claim that this strain was cross bred with a KC33 strain. Coming from an Indica strain, Mango was given its name because of its fruity taste and smell, which is pretty much the same as the real fruit itself.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

The plant is tall and strong. It is considered as one of the heavy yielding strains which are perfect for growing either outdoors or in a greenhouse setting. The Mango strain can even produce up to 1/3 of the total growth outdoors. The mango marijuana plant can also be grown in an indoor setting, however, keep in mind that it can also need a lot of space. Once properly established, this plant can grow really fast despite its slow start.

Skilled growers regularly cut the plant in order to come up with even larger and stickier buds. The buds of this plant are colorful, while the taste is extremely sweet. They are also weighty and massive. As the plant grows to maturity, the foliage can brightly turn into reddish purple to red. With a THC level of 17-20%, smokers can expect a long lasting and strong effect.

Medical Benefits

With its THC content level, the mango strain is oftentimes prescribed to patients who are going through chronic back pain, as well as other types of pain. It is also good as a remedy for nausea, and other appetite problems. There are several patients of medical marijuana who have also tried the Mango strain who mentioned that they have experienced a good and long lasting potency period. This calls for the need to try just a small dab of the weed at a time.

Also, since it provides a mellow body sensation to its users, it can also be perfect for people who simply want to relax after a very long and stressful day at work. This can promote a good night’s rest when smoked in the evening. With its fruity smell and taste, the aftertaste can be quite sweet on the mouth.

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