Malawi Gold


Genetics 100% sativa land race strain
Climate Warm climates
Yield Extra Heavy 50g /1 ¾ oz
Height up to 2 feet long (outdoors)
Flowering Time  12-18 weeks
Effect Alert Mental Clarity / Warm Pleasant Feeling
THC Level 9-13%
Growing Easy


Malawi GoldThe Malawi Gold strain is popular for being one of the finest and best sativas coming from Africa. The strain got its name from the place where it was widely grown, Malawi. The Malawi Gold buds are often cured after being bound tightly in banana leaves in order to give the strain’s potent, compact, and gold color. This strain comes with a distinctive sweet and floral flavor with slight hints of pineapple taste.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

This strain is often referred to as a very distinct sativa with its slim and large fan leaves which comes in dark color. These plants branch heavily and grow tall. As these plants mature, they turn to a reddish purple color. The structure just looks like a mini Christmas tree, as it is pyramidal. It grows with multiple branches, with all the branches yielding lovely buds.

Since it is an equatorial sativa strain, the time for maturity is quite considerable. Because of the existence of visible resin glands, the buds are sticky. They can grow up to 2 feet when grown outdoors. Its smell is pleasant, refreshing and sweet. The smoke is somewhat bitter with the aftertaste of almond and pineapple. The resulting buzz results to an alert mental clarity, as well as a warm pleasant feeling. The high is also long lasting and very psychoactive.

Medical Benefits

As a member of the sativa family, the buzz is quite expected. As it allows for an alert mental clarity and warm pleasant feeling, it is perfect for people who are undergoing migraines, depression, stress, and anxiety. It is also perfect for mood enhancement. People who experience these downtimes would surely appreciate a relaxing and pleasant high offered by the Malawi Gold strain. For those who plan to smoke this strain for relaxing purposes alone, your choice is a good one because the Malawi Gold strain is considered by many smokers as a great smoke which is perfect for any occasion. The resulting high will still allow you to continue doing what you need to do. As a matter of fact, you can experience extra mental clarity which will keep you safe throughout the day.

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