Light of Jah


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 800g per plant
Height 150-180 cm
Flowering Time  50-70 days
Effect Sativa High – Cerebral Buzz
THC Level 19%-22%
Growing Moderate


Light of JahLight of Jah strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups because it is considered as one of the best strains in the world of cannabis. As a result, this hybrid strain has easily become a favorite among marijuana aficionados. Because of its special characteristics, it is no doubt one of the highly celebrated strains. Light of Jah strain is also known as Jack Herer, a hybrid of three strong varieties of strain ever known to man. The breeding of this strain remains a secret until know. The name, however, was given in honor of the author of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’, Jack Herer. In his writings, he reminded that it is possible to save the world with the help of our most valuable resources, found in the cannabis world.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

This specific strain has the capability to produce too much resin that you can even see all of them in the branches as they bristle with the stalked glands. At their peak growth, the buds of this plant becomes so thickly braised with clear trichomes. They even appear sparkling and sugar frosted. The crystal coats also spread to the fan leaves, the spear leaves, down to its stems and stalks. While this strain can also grow outdoors, they can grow better indoors, being a hybrid of three powerful strains. With its perfect density, good smell and taste, and very high yield, many growers prefer this type of strain for growing.

The most common trait of this strain is its double edged, dazzling effects, a cerebral high coupled with an astounding body buzz together with seismic power. Thus, if you plan to smoke this strain, make sure to brace yourself to feel the earth move under your feet. The feeling can be very pleasant while your head is on the clouds.

Medical Benefits

With its THC level at 19-22%, it is perfect for providing relief for chronic pain and other similar medical conditions. Though this strain is not specifically prescribed, its qualities have the manifestations of a good pain reliever, as well as calming effect for those who will take this for medical purposes. With its fruity flavor, the Light of Jah strain is no doubt one of the most popular strains there is.

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