Lambs Breath


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 400 g/m²
Height 4,000-5,000 cm
Flowering Time  55-70 days (8-10 weeks)
Effect Creative, euphoric, and uplifted feeling
THC Level 14%
Growing Easy


Lambs BreathAs a medical marijuana strain, Lamb’s Breath (also known as Lamb’s Bread) takes the cake because it’s a photoperiod, auto flowering, and high-grade Skunk marijuana variety that is said to be the legendary Bob Marley’s favorite strain. It’s hard to get a true-blue Lamb’s Breath strain that Marley used to smoke because there are some enterprising growers out there who take the name and little else on their own seeds with the hopes of selling their marijuana out due to the influence of the great musician. With that said, thanks to its Skunk roots, the smell and taste of Lamb’s Breath (which is known to be earthy, woody, and pungent) cannot be mistaken for any other strain, even when compared to other Skunks in the Skunk family. Many Sativa connoisseurs consider it as one of the top five best and most unique strains on the planet.

This Sativa hybrid is characterized by its bright green look and its THC-based capabilities to give you a positivity boost, as though your body has been bombarded with dopamine. By smoking a joint made of Marley’s favorite weed, you’ll get to have positive introspection and a stimulating amount of energy, which one can imagine served as Bob’s creative juices during his stint as a performing artist. The massive stimulant boost is characteristic of mostly Sativa types that have psychoactive effects based on high THC content (with Lamb’s Breath, it’s around 14%). Furthermore, the plant is so potent that it can leave you high and happy for an hour to an hour and a half. This is enough time to figure out the ending to the novel that you’re writing, or lyrics for the song that you’re composing, or a better method of getting around the traps found in the first person puzzle game, Portal.

If you want a strain that will get your blood pumping and your creativity running high on all cylinders, then you should get the indoor/outdoor wonder that is the Lamb’s Breath. It is after all a combination of the Super Afghan, Jamaican Haze, and Jamaican Purple, making it one of the best exports Jamaica has ever provided the world. You haven’t experienced creative euphoria that makes you believe you can do anything and prove that statement again and again quite like Lamb’s Breath. What’s more, because it’s auto flowering, it’s relatively easy to grow for experienced weed growers plus it’s the perfect strain for novices who want to learn the ropes of growing or even what Sea of Green/Screen of Green means.

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