Kali Mist


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 300-500 g/m²
Height 110-155 cm
Flowering Time 70-90 days (10-12 weeks)
Effect Energetically cerebral
THC Level 15-20%
Growing Easy


Kali MistThe exotically named Kali Mist has this as its main claim to fame: It’s a Spanish mold-resistant hybrid that’s 80-90% Sativa and can grow even during bad weather. This strain has subtle cerebral effects even with its 15-20% THC level; usually, with something that high, weed connoisseurs expect a strong hit, but this time around, Kali Mist has a mist-like property of giving you a more energetically cerebral high. No wonder this strain was able to win all sorts of competitions, such as the Seed Company Sativa Cup of 2000 and the 1995 Hydro Cup (for the original version). If you want a good stash that will leave you functional and creative after a joint or two, then Kali Mist’s mistiness is just right for you. It won’t fog your mind, but instead give it a light, energizing spray.

With that said, even though it doesn’t have the mind-altering impact of other strains, the stone you’ll get is a very strong, clear and energizing high. It shouldn’t even be called “stone”, because that implies utter relaxation and couch lock. As expected of the F1 hybrid that’s almost pure Sativa (in fact, it’s 80-90% Sativa). It has a high indoor yield (preferably through a greenhouse) of 300-500 g/m² in ideal conditions. However, even though this Sativa-dominant marijuana is pure Sativa, it can only grow a petite but functional 110-155 centimeters. It’s not a wildflower or a plant that can grow up to a meter or more, unlike other pure Sativas. With that, every last thin leaf packs a smooth taste and hit when smoked. It’s like your creative juices in one plant. It’s also best harvested around November.

Thus, you should plant it 70-90 days (10-12 weeks) before November to ensure maximum harvest and a great, unforgettable cerebral high experience. Because this is a pure Sativa pot, you can depend on its effects to fight depression, increase focus and creativity, stimulate and energize your mind, uplift you with cerebral thoughts, and give you feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. This is arguably the best Sativa strain available, or at the very least a topnotch one that you shouldn’t miss in terms of psychedelic effects, which are less about altering your mind and is instead about increasing its potentiality so that your imagination can flourish in more ways than one. It certainly helps that this is the go-to plant to smoke in order to relieve PMS symptoms. Kali Mist’s appeal is certainly not a mystery.

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