Jack Herer


Genetics 40 % Indica / 60% Sativa
Climate Indoors
Yield Medium 400 – 700 g/m2
Height Short
Flowering Time 6-7 weeks
Effect Very strong and intense body buzz
THC Level 10-15%
Growing Easy


Jack HererA strain which is imbued with the name of marijuana activist, Jack Herer himself, is a top hybrid of Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. The main objective of this hybrid is to create a plant strain which can create a sativa effect on the head while at the same time able to create heavy resins distinct to most indicas. It shortens the flowering time while maintaining its 50% Haze features. It is created in the mid-1990s in Netherlands and is recognized as a prized medical grade strain. It is cultivated by breeders worldwide and has garnered awards for its potency and usefulness.

The plant has narrow leaves and dense clustered buds. It is colored light green and may appear frosty due to its high resin content. As the plant matures, most hairs would turn to red. The smell is somewhat similar to Haze with some Skunk pleasantness. There are strains of this variety which produces flower on longer periods while there are those which are not. The longer flowering time plants have peppery buds which can produce cerebral upper high. When allowed to ripen, this strain can have a tasty smoke with visual enhancements to note.

When smoked, it hits you on the spot with its cerebral high which goes hand in hand with the body buzz which makes you feel high. When it is crushed, it produces an earth, woody and a quite pungent scent. Its taste is the same as having tasting of the earth with a little bit of spice in the end. It is physically motivating which makes it a good smoke for daytime which can be taken from its strong sativa line. For its medicinal value, it helps treat alleviating depressed moods and inspires creativity for artists and aspiring song writers.

Jack Herer is a good prescription medical strain for those suffering from anxiety, ADHD, migraines and PMS. When smoked moderately, it can make one think of ways to be highly positive. It has a high THC level and may flower longer compared to other strains. It takes patience to flower it, though. Due to the plant being the best plants for serious growers, ordering them online earlier on is more practical. If you are looking for top quality seeds delivered straight right to your house, ordering online and receiving it in a discreet package can surprise you more than you can imagine with this famous strain.

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