Sativa Pills: The Healthiest THC Pills Today

If you are looking for cannabis sativa seeds for sale then you may have also stumbled upon one of the hottest cannabis products nowadays. We are talking about sativa pills, known as the healthiest pills with the highest THC levels. 

Why use sativa pills at all?

Cannabis sativa is a type of cannabis that is very potent because it comes with very high THC levels. THC is a cannabinoid compound that is responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive effects. When you use sativa pills, you’ll get that psychoactive high which will energize and take you to euphoria.  And because there are different strains with different amounts of THC, you’ll have different strains with different intensities of psychoactive effects. 

Sativa pills are for people who would like to experience that psychedelic high without smoking or vaping cannabis. If you are uncomfortable with smoking weed or you don’t want the smoke to fill your lungs then the best way is to dose up with sativa or THC pills.

With the pill:

  • You can forget about smelling like strong weed when you use the pill

Sativas are known to have very potent smells, odors that may be smelled far and wide! Because of this, users do all they can to enjoy the energetic high and avoiding the very potent smell. One way is to take cannabis sativa pills instead of smoking or vaping one. 

  • You don’t need to worry about the dose

It’s easy to lose track of your dose when you are smoking dried flower as well as oils and tinctures. But with sativa pills, you won’t forget your dose because a pill is accurately dosed just like taking drugs.

Most sativa pills available in the market are accurately dosed. You can easily tell if you are taking a 200 mg dose or a 500 mg dose just by checking the pill label. You’ll find this a handy feature if you are taking sativa strains as medication. 

  • The effects of sativa pills are more potent and long lasting

When you smoke cannabis sativa strains, you’ll experience the effects quicker than taking cannabis orally.  However, the effects that you’ll feel will not last for a long time. When you take sativa pills, the effects will take much longer to take effect. Usually, it can take 30 minutes to an hour before you can feel the effects of sativa pills. This is the time when you are feeling very stimulated, very euphoric and ready to do all kinds of tasks with your renewed energy.

And because this is an oral dose, the effects will sustain for a number of hours. You will experience the energetic feeling along with strong flavors when you take cannabis sativa pills.  

  • Sativa pills are easy to carry anywhere

You don’t need to roll dry weed to make joints. No need to use expensive vaping pipes, bongs, and other smoking paraphernalia too.  You can take a few pills and just keep these inside your pocket or bag. If you need to take a dose, just pop a pill in your mouth anywhere at any time. 

  • Sativa pills are healthier 

Sativa pills are known as a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping because you are not burning the material and thus there’s no smoke which can cause irritation along the oral cavity and respiratory system. Smoke which comes from burning cannabis or heating sativa oils can also dry the oral cavity and thus can lead to infections, pain, and inflammation.                              

Can you make your own sativa pills?

You can make your own sativa pills for your own personal supply because this is very easy to do. Just make sure to identify the cannabis sativa strain you use to make sure that this type of strain has higher THC content.

One such drug made from cannabis sativa. The drug’s name is Marinol with an active ingredient known as Dorobinol. This is an active artificial ingredient that works like THC. Marinol is in pill form and is prescribed to patients with AIDS and cancer especially when all other medications were unable to work. 

Marinol can create the same high when enjoyed as a recreational strain. When used as a therapeutic strain, it can be more effective than smoked cannabis because it has a longer effect which is perfect for the treatment for all kinds of pain. 

However, Marinol is not always a good alternative to smoked cannabis.  This sativa pill also has side effects including dizziness, confusion, and sleepiness.  The NLM or National Library of Medicine also revealed that this pill causes weakness, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. It can also cause hallucinations and memory loss.  

Marinol patients can easily overdose and suffer from negative effects such as dizziness, confusion, mood changes, anxiety, depression, irritability, and perceptual problems. Depending on the dose that was taken, these side effects may last from 4 to 6 hours.

With this information, sativa pill users should be monitored.  They must not overdose and they should know what to do in case of any side effect. 

THC pills vs smoking cannabis

According to the findings of a study made in 2013 which was also published at The Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, experts say that legalizing the use of cannabis in natural form does not matter because it is assumed that smoking is dangerous and a complete health risk just like smoking cigarettes. 

There are some people who also state that THC pills are easier and more comfortable to use making it a more traditional way to use cannabis rather than smoking or vaping. Take note that cannabis smoke is not carcinogenic. Smoking or vaping cannabis is not linked to the development of cancers which is common in tobacco use.                                                                                  

How are sativa pills made?

Sativa pills or THC pills may be purchased in dispensaries online or offline but if you live remotely and it’s impossible to purchase these anywhere locally or online, you can always make your own healthier, organically-grown sativa plant to make sativa pills. 

Here are steps on how to make your own sativa pills at home using wax or shatter as the base.

Things you’ll need

  • Cannabis concentrate in wax or shatter form
  • Oil that will stay liquid in room temperatures such as olive oil, vegetable oil or coconut oil
  • Handy food scale
  • Measuring cup made of metal
  • Measuring spoons
  • 10 cc syringe and a blunt-tipped needle
  • Empty cellulose capsules (this is more preferred than gelatin because its vegan and will last longer
  • Stove


This recipe will make 14 capsules with each one holding 0.5 ml of sativa. All in all, you need around 7 ml of liquid to make 14 capsules.  This is about 1.5 teaspoons of liquid. 

  1. Use the food scale to measure about 252 mg of shatter or wax.
  2. Pour about 1.5 teaspoons of oil into the metal measuring cup.
  3. Place the concentrate into the measuring cup. 
  4. Place the stove in the lowest setting and place the metal cup over the burner. Use a small metal spoon to gently mix the concentrate into the oil. 
  5. Continue stirring until the oil and the concentrate has combined. Make sure that none of the mixtures is stuck on the sides of the cup.
  6. Remove from heat and just let this cool on the counter.  A food thermometer can help you test if the mixture is already in room temperature before placing this inside the capsules. 
  7. Use a sterile syringe to suck up all the mixture from the measuring cup. 
  8. Fill up the gelatin capsules with the mixture. Hold a capsule with your thumb, index finger and middle finger and gently pierce the tip of the capsule with the needle. Fill until the capsule looks full but do not overfill. The gelatin cover will return to its original form once you have removed the needle so don’t worry.   


Gelatin capsules could degrade over time so it’s important to fill only the capsules you will need only for a few days. You can fill all 14 capsules at once if you are planning to consume all in a span of three to four days. 

If you don’t want to fill all 14 capsules, fill only the ones you need and store the syringe in a dark and cool place. Make sure to recap the needle when you store the syringe. 

  1. Place the filled capsules inside a clean, dry and colored jar. Cover tightly and store inside a cool and dark place as well. 

How to use your homemade sativa pills

Homemade sativa pills will last only for a week. But it does not mean that you must consume all at once!  To avoid overdosing and to fully enjoy the recreational and therapeutic effects of sativa pills, take it in moderation. 

Take a pill and wait for the effects to happen after  15 to 30 minutes. Don’t take another pill; be patient! You will only end up overdosing and having a very bad high if you take another one. Patience is the key.

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