White Queen


Genetics Indica-Sativa mix
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500g/m2
Height 35-65 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Hypnotic therapeutic crazy high
THC Level Extremely High (20-25%)
Growing Easy


White QueenWhite Queen is considered the empress of the white weed genetics. This type marijuana has buds compacted with crystals that it almost look like the White Widow and Snow White. White Queen contains powerful flavors excellent for light smoke and sharing with its unique taste. Growing does not involve complicated procedures but even beginners can do it. This strain invigorates the mind in doing more activities with a joyous kick. Due to its effects, this kind of pot can get you going full of energy.

Hassle Free Growing

This marijuana can be germinated and grown even with inexperienced hands with the help of pot grower’s guide. Furthermore, extra care is needed to attain its maximum yields. Enough water, light, weed fertilizer, and rearing are necessary to achieve a highly efficient yield. This could be planted indoors or outdoors without affecting its yield. The seedling starts slowly through its early stages of development then explodes into higher rate of growth.

Lasting Crazy High Feeling Effect

Its buds are covered with stardust-like crystals that look like shinning diamonds. These crystals are the reason for reaching very high THC levels. It provides the user a long lasting narcotic crazy high feeling that can be felt throughout the body.

Relieves Tremendous Amount of Pain

This specific type of pot contains extremely high amount of THC that goes up to 25% which indicates its potency as medical marijuana. There is plenty of research that claims smoking marijuana can do positive effects on the body. One thing is that weed with high THC can relieve tremendous pains that a body feels. The reason for this is that THC has numbing effect in the body causing that pain to reduce. It controls the biochemical inside the body that causes muscle spasms. Extreme pain cause by severe diseases such as cancer, diabetes nerve pain, and severe migraine can disappear after few minutes of smoking.

Help Fight Effects of Hepatitis C

Other effects of serious diseases such as hepatitis C can be reduced and the effectiveness of treatment increases. These side effects that can be gone in an instant are fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pains, and uneasy sensation. And these effects could last for months with most of the patients.

Instant Feeling of Gladness

Another instant effect that the White Queen gives is an instant feeling of gladness. This could help people undergoing from depression that could ruin their interpersonal relationships. With this weed, making friends and extending yourself to others would be easy. Depression could be gone away in an instant.

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