Genetics Lowland Thai x Mexican Sativa x Afghani
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 70 grams per plant
Height 152 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Euphoric Buzz
THC Level High (20%)
Growing Easy


TrainwreckTrainwreck marijuana has sativa-dominant characteristic that targets its effects mainly on body pains such as chronic muscle aches. The Afghani genes present in this weed plant provides its indica appearance and growth pattern such as leaves structure. However, the marijuana effects are more on the sativa side. Weed from a well grown Trainwreck provides extreme head-high feeling and strong couch-lock effect. Most patients that use medical marijuana consider this weed as their personal favorite due to its aroma that reminds them of ground pepper with sweet taste compliment. It is hard to be disappointed with this pot because over the years, this high quality breed has undergone transformations by having high stability and crop efficiency.


Extraordinary Growth and Appearance

Trainwreck can easily be identified due to the orange hairs coating of its buds. Light green buds grow all around its body with crystals on it. The plant can grow up to 152 centimeters dominant to most of the sativa type marijuana. Its leaves releases a musky, earthy, and pine smell that are pleasant and relaxing to the senses. Tasting it gives out a spicy taste that resembles the taste of peppers.

 Extreme Mental High Effects

Trainwreck gives extreme mental high that elevates mood together with numbing high all over the body that relieves pain. A nicely grown bud of this pot provides the lazy couch-lock feeling good for patients recovering from body damage such as painful surgery.

 High THC Level for Medicinal Use

Trainwreck has THC level of 20% which indicates a good potency for various medical purposes. Patients that have signs and symptoms of moderate to severe depression can improve their mood with this. Depression should be taken seriously because it might lead to more serious effects such as suicide. One of the Trainwreck effects is an instant surge of happiness that could help people with negative emotions.

 Extraordinary Pain Reliever

Another proven effect of this pot is its extraordinary pain relieving ability that removes spasms coming from soreness, muscle tension, cramps, and nerve damage. Instant effect can be felt because THC can spread all over the body in short period of time. In matter of minutes, pain felt all over the body could disappear. What remains is the feeling of numbness on the previous discomfort area. These are very helpful effects to those individuals suffering from serious illness such as cancer, rheumatism, and arthritis.

 Reduce Epileptic Seizures

Even people having epilepsy reduced not only the pain they felt around the body but reduced attacks to a significant difference.

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