purple kush cannabis strain

One of the strains that boost the purple aspects in different ways is Purple  Kush. The Purple Kush cannabis strain is obvious because of the colors that show in this strain which is the violet, deep red, and pink. It also tastes like candy, grapes, and wine. With the 100% indica present in this strain it can make the user feels giggle, super relaxed, and happy.

Know More the About Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush is also knowns as the “Purple Hindu Kush”, it is a solid Indica strain that set its own self aside from other indica hybrids with its beautiful colors, and it’s pleasing taste. It’s originated from the breeders in an area near Oakland, California called Oaksterdam, one of the primary medical cannabis regions of the USA. Purple Kush cannabis strain is the outspring between the two South-Central Asian indica landraces; The Hindu kush is from the peak of Pakistan-Afghanistan borders,

and a touch of purple variation of Afghani. It gives ease and tempered full-body stoned with 100% of indica genetics. Purple Kush also has a THC content which is ranging fro 17% to 27%.

This strain is a popcorn-like flower when healed, and has a medium-sized, heavy bud, and have a very thick structure. The leaves can be alike green and purple depending on the phenotypes. The tendency regarding purple selectively produces from the Purple Afghani mother strain, advance when the purple kush anthocyanins- colors are similar to chlorophyll and turn on in cold growing conditions. The procedure is alike to the breakdown of chlorophyll and the revitalizing of the yellow and red color that source of foliage to change the colors in autumn. 

While the mother strains Afghani, Purple Kush cannabis strain has a hugely high volume to make sticky resin, creating it valuable in the manufacturing of hash and other fucoses. The strongly-curled flowers are protected in trichomes, giving the green and purple leaves a wide-eyed while white sheen. Orange pistils, intentional to get pollen from male plants, stick-out against the already glowing flowers.                             

The Purple Kush’s bag appeal is not only restricted to visuals, but the buds also protrude taste. The beginning impression is the same with the smell of Afghani strains, with and almost sandalwood must and earthy. Close examination reveals the sweet and fruity record of grapes. When combusted the flowers had a hash-like smell and smoke. 

Unlike other marijuana hybrids that begins with a disorienting high head that fuses into a slow taste of calm, the Purple Kush gives you the feeling of physical relaxation. Although there are some of the mental effects, they have a lot of a psychedelic, twist nature beside a cerebral one. Users may love the soothing effect of tactile surroundings and music. Beside stimulate hyperactive ideas and sharp focus, although these strains bring about cool pleasure. The purple kush can give you a very high feeling and sometimes called Indica knockout. Purple Kush can also be medical use. Ther powerful sedative effects can dull some symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also be peculiarly successful in relieving pain- both chronic and like aches that come after a workout or just like nerve-related pain from fibromyalgia or cancer. Purple Kush can also be a cure for insomnia. The duration of the purple kush when use is ranging from 2-3 hours. 

As expected in pure indica plant, the Purple Kush can grow bushy and low. Those who tried more in cultivating the strain can successfully grow the strain indoors or outdoors, perhaps it can have more successful growth indoor because the cultivators can control the growing condition for the plant. A lot of plants can effortlessly fit inside a vertically-limited growing space, as they rarely exceed the height of 3ft. To bring out the famous color of the Purple Kush for its filled with visual potential, cultivators need to shock the plant’s inclusive yields. The Purple Kush plants will bloom within 8 weeks when it grows indoors and late September when it grows outdoors.  Under the perfect conditions, cultivators can expect a medium yield of about 73 grams per square area of plants. 

Finally, to the breeder who successfully picked a crop of Purple Kush will desire to properly heal their buds to protect the beautiful colors and tasty flowers, and all of it requires to hang the buds upside down for about a week in a space that maintains 50% humidity and an unchanging temperature of 70-degree Fahrenheit and then secure the dried buds in big-mouth jars in surroundings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in the middle of 60-65% humidity.

Finally, those who have successfully harvested a crop of Purple Kush will want to properly cure their buds to preserve the colorful and tasty flowers all that’s required is hanging the buds upside down for about a week in a room that maintains 50% humidity and a consistent temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then sealing the dried buds in wide-mouthed jars in ambient surroundings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and between 60-65% humidity.

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