Purple Kush Strain – All Time Favorite

Purple Kush is one of the most popular indica strain which is very popular for its impressive ability to provide recreational and medicinal relief. This was made through the combination of two very powerful strains Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. You will be able to tell if a plant is a Purple Kush because of its enticing aroma with an earthy and sweet flavor common in all Kush strains. Purple Kush is also popular for its impressive recreational and medical properties.

What is Purple Kush Strain?

Purple Kush is a very potent indica strain created from the combination of famous potent strains. This contains towering THC content a 20% which is the reason why it can give you psychoactive effects and therapeutic effects. With Purple Kush, you can experience deep euphoria. It also comes with earthy and sweet undertones that you will feel and taste even hours after your last dose.

For aspiring growers of the Purple Kush strain, this is very easy to cultivate as long as you provide the best growing environment. You can also get a good harvest as quick as 8 weeks.

Effects of using Purple Kush

Purple Kush is considered one of the most powerful members of the Kush and this is thanks to its very high THC content. This is one of the reasons why you must use this strain moderately and be very mindful of your dose. The effects of Purple Kush usually start slow and will begin from your head down to the rest of your body.

Soon, you will be completely overtaken by a completely relaxing feeling that will take over your mind and your body. You will also experience an extreme sense of happiness which you may have never felt before when you consume Purple Kush. This is what Purple Kush will do to you so you can forget all your worries and troubles and just enjoy your day.  

It won’t be long when you are off to total relaxation. You will eventually surrender to a  sound and restful sleep. Those who only take moderate doses of Purple Kush will feel completely famished y before sleeping.

But as there are positive effects of Purple Kush, there are also some disadvantages when taking this strain. Due to the strain’s powerful THC levels, you may experience severe dry mouth and dry eyes. Increased THC will enhance blood flow to the rest of the body leading to dryness, redness, and an increase in temperature.

In moderate amounts, you will experience dizziness. You will feel slightly anxious and paranoid which are usually experienced by people who are new to this strain. You can avoid these effects when you take this strain moderately. You may also develop tolerance to the effects and side effects of this strain when you consume this regularly.   

Medicinal Properties of Purple Kush

Purple Kush may also be used as a medicinal strain. It has high THC levels which will help you block out all kinds of pain including headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, post-surgical pain, and chronic pains.

Purple Kush also comes with rich mood elevating properties so you can efficiently reduce stress, depression, and fatigue. This strain will make you feel happy and euphoric. You will forget negative thoughts so you can focus on your work, family as well as the most important part of your life.

Purple Kush has a natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties which are more preferred because these do not have dangerous side effects compared to synthetic medications. You will also enjoy its potent relaxing effects to deal with insomnia and sleeplessness.

Characteristics of Purple Kush Weed Strain

Sativa or indica – Indica-dominant strain

Smell – skunk, earthy and pine

Taste – earthy and earthy

Effects – relaxed and euphoric high

Flowering Time – 55 to 60 days

Growing – moderate

Height – 78 inches

THC – 20%

CBD – .10%

Lineage – Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani

How to Grow Purple Kush?

To identify Purple Kush, it is a strain with lovely deep purple leaves and dense buds. You will know that these buds are very potent because these have white and orange hairs sticking out from their buds. When you touch the flowers and gently crush these, you will instantly notice the pungent, earthy and kushy smell. These are common traits of its potent and smelly Kush family members.

Seed or Clone Strain?

If you are looking for Purple Kush seeds, you won’t find one even from local or remote seed banks. Therefore, you can only grow Purple Kush using clones or a cutting. A clone is taken from a healthy and mature female plant. Cuttings are then carefully cultivated to be able to grow new roots and then transferred to soil or in another growing medium.

Usually, cannabis clones are cultivated in peat pellets or inside growth cubes.  Place the peat cubes under the best lighting and give the right amount of water, and humidity and your plants will soon grow stronger and healthier roots, stems and leaves. These clones are now ready to be replanted.

Start Training Early

Purple Kush plants will respond well to early training. These plant s will grow small and bushy, and this makes this ideal for growing secretly indoors inside a growing cabinet or tent.  

This strain will also grow using the SCROG technique indoors. SCROG technique grows plants through a screen. The screen keeps the plants small but allows the buds to pass through the screen. As the buds pass through, these get enough light to grow denser and larger. A SCROG method helps you increase bud size and improve your yields.  

Growing Purple Kush in a  hydroponic setup will let your plants get more nutrients compared to growing in soil. But not all plants are able to grow in hydro so find out if a strain can tolerate hydroponic growing before you start planning for a costly and complicated hydroponic setup.  

Another way to train your Purple Kush plants is to prune these. Remove the large fan leaves to allow sunlight at the bottom of the canopy. Pruning also improves airflow from the lower parts of the plant.

Feeding your Purple Kush Plants

Purple Kush plants that are in the vegetative stage will need hydrogen-rich food so these can reach their full potential. Nitrogen can help plants grow more leaves, stems, and branches. It can also prepare the plant so these can hold large and dense buds.  

When your plants are already in the flowering stage, feed it fertilizer with phosphorous and potassium to grow larger and denser buds and will also increase yields. If you are new to feeding your plants use commercially-prepared mixes. Branded fertilizer mixes will avoid costly feeding mistakes and prevent nutrient problems as well.  

Prevent Strong Odors

Purple Kush plants will emit a strong and powerful odor during the flowering phase especially when these are grown indoors. This very potent smell is the natural smell of kush plants which can become too strong because it can be retained in your growing area.

Every grower who cultivates in secret knows that he has to control the smell of his plants and one way to get rid of the smell is to use carbon filters instead of regular filters inside the growing area. You may also flush out smelly air by using fans. And if possible, open windows and doors to remove unpleasant odors and to improve humidity.  

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Purple Kush strain will grow large and dense buds which are susceptible to mold and mildew growth.  You must do all you can to prevent this from happening. If you suspect mold and mildew growth on your plants, find out the moisture source and remove it.

Remember to water your plants only when the soil is dry to prevent root rot and mold growth. Molds are so persistent that it can even grow inside the buds where moisture is present.

Using two fans can improve air circulation in your room. This method will also strengthen the stems of these plants by blowing a soft breeze. It can also help dry soil to prevent mold growth.

Why is Purple Kush Strain a Favorite Strain among Growers?

According to most consumers who love to grow Purple Kush it is a favorite because it can grow indoors and outdoors. It is also a favorite because of its deep and very powerful relaxing effects. These properties have made it effective for the relief of pain, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Purple Kush is popular among growers due to the fact that it flowers quickly and can grow faster with huge yields. As long as you follow the growing requirements of this strain, you will be able to successfully grow this strain.

People who have consumed this strain also agree that it can be very strong while some consumers experienced couchlock even when this was consumed in moderate amounts.

Breeders also see Purple Kush as a popular strain of all time because it offers a fantastic flavor and good medical qualities. It is a mix of medicinal and recreational cannabis that may be the best strain for you as well.

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