Professional Guide Germination of Cannabis Seeds in Jiffy Pellets

Some marijuana growers consider using jiffy pellets as their favorite when it comes to germinating marijuana seeds. In fact, some claim that they experience 100% germination rate when using jiffy pellets. For one, doing so is a really easy and safe way to germinate your cannabis seeds. Also, the process is relatively simple. 

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Jiffy Pellets

Having access to jiffy pellets is quite easy. In fact, you can get them from local garden stores. They are usually available compressed and dry. All you need to do is to add water so that they will expand, and eventually becoming usable for planting. 

One thing that needs to be carefully remembered is that the jiffy pellets should not be soaked in water. When they become too wet, they can become unstable after squeezing them out. Rather, you can slowly pour one cup of water over the seeds, and wait several minutes until the seeds expand. Once they expand, you can start planting your marijuana plants. 

To ensure the best result, put one cannabis seed per jiffy pallet. Take one of your marijuana seeds, putting it around 0.5-inch-deep in the pellet. It does not really matter which direction the seed is turned. Afterwards, cover it using top soil. 

If you already have a jiffy pellet kit that comes with a dome, you can put that over its top. Cannabis seeds need a humid environment in order to germinate, and the dome can provide that assistance. Ensure, however, to remove it a few times a day so that your seeds can also get some fresh air. 

Note that it will usually take a few days for your seeds to germinate. This means that it is very important to ensure that your jiffy pellets do not dry out during this entire time. The ideal temperature cannabis seed germination is between 70 degrees to 78 degrees, which is why it is very important to keep your jiffy pellets in a place which can accommodate that temperature.

Giving Your Seeds the Best Growing Environment

Young cannabis plants need to be gently treated like you would with your pets. Your plants will depend on you for almost everything. If you plan to grow it in an outdoor soil, it is very important to ensure that the outdoor environment and climate is ideal for cultivating the cannabis strain. If you choose to grow in an indoor setup, such as in a growing tent or room, make sure that your seeds receive the best growing environment. This also includes giving it the ideal growing medium or soil, humidity, lighting, water and air. 

Seedlings are also quite frail at this point because they have not yet grown really strong stems yet. With this in mind, you can place a toothpick, or a small stick, tying the seedlings using some garden wire. At this point, a schedule of 18/6 light/dark will work really well with seeds to young plants. 

Selecting the best grow lights to do the job is very crucial to the growth of your seedlings. The best choice in this case is white light. The best type of lamps white light are MH, CFL, or LED. However, if you have an open window inside your grow room where the seeds can receive direct sunlight, this is enough. 

While the seedlings grow taller when they are exposed to light, the roots grow well in the dark. This is a reason why your seeds need either an 18/6 or a 20/4 light-dark schedule, instead of a complete 24-hour light cycle. 

At the same time, your seeds also require high levels of humidity at this phase so ensure that it is 70% RH within your growing environment. The temperatures should also be within 20 to 24 degrees Celsius range. It is also as important to monitor the levels inside the growing area. This means that you need both a thermometer and a hygrometer in order to monitor these levels. In order to enhance humidity even further, you can even use a spray bottle of water, thermo-hygrometer or a propagator. 


The process of germinating cannabis seeds is pretty simple. In fact, you can also find jiffy pellets from local garden stores. They usually come compressed and dry. All you need to do is to add water so that they will expand and become usable when planting. Using jiffy pellets is an amazing option if you are growing weed, either in coco noir or soil. They also offer better germination rates. If you are planning to germinate your cannabis seeds using jiffy pellets, your seedlings can stay in jiffy pellets usually after the roots start to appear from the cubes. When they do, this gives a signal that it is already time to transplant your young plants in a growing medium.

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